Monday, January 6, 2014

Johnie's Express Grill's Grand Opening

A reader wrote in to say that there's another new restaurant in Uptown, this one at 4521 N Sheridan.  "I saw this new restaurant, Johnie's Express Grill, open up in the Windsor Center strip at Sheridan & Windsor.  Haven't eaten there yet, but hope to make it by this weekend.  Happy to see one less empty storefront!  :)  Phone number: 773-944-5010."

You can get an idea of what they serve on GrubHub.

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  1. This is a great little place. I live around the corner and have been very impressed with what I've ordered so far! One night after work I ordered a side salad to have with food that I already had at home. The owner (great guy) made it fresh while I was there. It was HUGE, very fresh, and only 2.50! Another night I had a fried chicken breast sandwich made to order. It was outstanding. Had the cheeseburger and fries tonight, which was also very good. (Take this burger and fries over McD's anytime). I know they have a TON of other things beyond what I have had, such as rib tips, baby back ribs, italian beefs, soup, etc., all for a great price. I'm so glad they opened up around the corner from my place! Check them out!