Friday, January 3, 2014

Coping With The Cold

Reiterating a post from last winter....
  • In this brutal weather, please keep an eye out for anyone sleeping outside and call 311 and ask for a well-being check. There are still shelter beds available, even in the deep freeze.  City services will come out and try to talk the person into sleeping inside, and at the very least will try to talk them into a warming van for a bit.  If someone is mentally ill or under the influence, they may not realize the consequences of sleeping rough.
  • Don't forget about the city's warming centers, one of which is at 845 W Wilson (moved from 4740 N Sheridan).  If someone is in a bad situation and can't make it to a warming center, call 311 and request help.
  • The closest hyperlocal weather reports for Uptown come from Weather Underground and Weatherbug.
  • We are embarrassed to say that we know this to be true:  If you're wearing metal earrings, cover your ears or take them off if you'll be outside for any length of time.  Surprise, ear lobes can get frostbite from cold metal.
  • Especially on Monday and Tuesday, when the wind chill in predicted to get down into the -30 to -40 range, stay inside.  Uptown has plenty of places that deliver food.  If you go that route, be sure to give your delivery person a couple bucks in addition to your normal tip.  He's earned it.
  • If you go out, there's comfort food everywhere:  The Cousins' soups.  Curries at Thai Uptown.  Hot chocolate at Ch'ava.  Flatbreads at The Reservoir.   Shawarma at Tik Tok Falafel.  What are your favorite cold-weather foods?  Recommend them to your neighbors in the comments.


  1. Love the plug for the local restaurants! Keep warm everybody!

  2. I posted this once before but feel it's important. The police stations are always open and allows people to stay in their lobbies.

  3. I would like to thank all the city employees who are working hard during this weather.

  4. Same here. No major problems getting home tonight.