Thursday, December 12, 2013

Special December "Live Music Fridays" At Razon


  1. Inquiring minds want to know, does the UU blog originate from the Imperial Towers? We live there!

  2. Actually the UU blog originates from deep underneath The Green Mill Lounge in one of the tunnels Capone supposedly used.

    That's we're we keep the UU Logs.....both Xmas Logs and Lincoln Logs.

    Most of the time the ever changing half dozen or so of us who post here communicate through an encrypted SKYPE system.

    Here are some of the other ID's we use.

    Caring Neighbor---That's actually me. In our little group I'm known as UN--uncaring neighbor.

    Uptown Updater--That's actually Littleton. In our little group he's known as MM. That can stand for Magnolia Michelangelo or Magnolia Machiavelli since he now believes he will be the next alderman.

    JP Paulus--That's actually Paulus. He's our Minister in exile from both Uptown and reality. He lacks the basic creativity to create a "nom de guerre" ,plus he believes that Jesus would be offended. In JP world Jesus spends most of his time offended because the Uptown Snack Shop is only a memory.

    Bear60640 is our director of security. Unfortunately, we may have to force him out since he refuses to leave Crew during football season and join us for Country Song Karakoke night over at Carol's Pub. I inserted the extra "K" in karaoke because that leaves three K's together which brings joy to our new archenemy "RealTalk". RealTalk is apparently somehow involved with the Denice Davis campaign to return Uptown to the glory years of 1975-1980.

    Yo--is our director of George Will impersonation. He insists on wearing a bow tie and lecturing us on Obamacare and morality.

    Baker and Nosh is our caterer of choice. Nuff Said....yummy.

    Irish-like Pirate desperately wants to be part of our little band, hey he even half stole one of my nom de guerre's, but between Paulus and Littleton we're have our full quota of lame.

    However, we did allow him to become our Chief Legal Council which is an advisory position and doesn't entail membership in our merry band of information sputtering mirth-makers.

    Our director of internet communication and video making is Anita Mandalay. No one has more talent at making videos than Dave. Dave, can I have that video you made of me singing at Carol's back now?

    Our breakfast place of choice is either the Pancake House or Big Chicks.

    Of course we also have an Uptown Anthem. It somehow symbolizes the journey that is Uptown. It's not the destination that necessarily counts. It's how much F'n fun you have getting there!

    Our alternative anthem is I'm a Believer by Smash Mouth.

    Yes, I think I can speak for all the people behind Uptown Update and all our various personalities when I say

    "We Believe in Uptown".

    "We Believe that while one must never forget the past one must never believe the past was somehow better. The best days of Uptown are in the future."

    "We Believe that planting a tree today, a tree some of us may never see grow to its full glory, is not only an act of faith, but an act of hope."

    I believe it's almost 11am. Time for me and AmericanLt to hit our favorite liquor store and purchase some "supplies" for this cold December Day because some of us also believe that beer is proof that God exists and loves us!

  3. I though all you anonymous internet cowards came together and formed a on-line therapy blog after they 86'd you out of the Wilson's Men's Room in May of 2007.

    1. Craig,


      Is the holiday season getting you down, man? St. John's Wort. Try it. Bill Clinton recommended it to me. Said it did wonders for him after Hillary lost to now President Obama in 2008.

      Now do any of us Uptowners go to RP blogs and screw with you? I don't think so. Please do us the same courtesy. If not then at least improve your game and be a bit funnier.

      I see from your google profile you started a new business. If you expand it to Uptown then you will have a better reason to comment here. I welcome seeing one of your riders delivering me a hot Uptown hook.......I mean pizza on a cold Monday night. Yeah, pizza that's it.