Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Trash-y Arrest

Friday night around 7:30, some residents in the Sheridan/Wilson/Leland area heard shots fired.  Surprisingly, people living just a block away at Leland and Kenmore did not.

What nearly everyone noticed, however, was a large, sudden police response in the alley just half a block west of Sheridan and Leland.  Seven to ten police cruisers showed up with blue lights flashing.  Some readers reported seeing a young man pulled out of a dumpster and removed from the alley in handcuffs.  Others saw police officers searching under cars in the area.

Apparently the alleged shooter ran right past a police officer in an unmarked car, who took off after him.  The officers who were involved in the subsequent foot chase saw him throw his weapon under a parked vehicle and jump in the dumpster to hide.  A witness reports that the weapon was found during the search.

We haven't heard any reports of injuries, but another witness wrote that there is a car parked at Weiss Hospital, under police guard, with the windows blown out, so there very possibly could be at least one victim.  If so, we hope there are no serious injuries involved.

What an enviable life the shooter leads:  Trying to get away from the crime scene, but instead running right past the person who's going to arrest him.  Hiding in a box full of other people's garbage, and being discovered immediately.  Throwing the gun away, only to have it be found within ten minutes.  Half the neighborhood hanging out their windows to watch his Walk of Shame.

Congrats to the cops for being right on the scene of the crime as it unfolded and for getting their man, even if he did probably smell like yesterday's lunch and used kitty litter.  We hope he didn't injure anyone during tonight's poorly executed adventure.

Update:  Well, there was a shooting victim.  From the Sun-Times:  "A few minutes earlier, a woman was shot while riding in a car in the Uptown neighborhood. The 25-year-old woman was a passenger in a vehicle in the 1000 block of West Wilson Avenue when someone in another vehicle opened fire, police said. She suffered a graze wound to the face and was taken in good condition to Weiss Memorial Hospital. Police said the shooting is thought to be gang-related." Thanks, gangbangers, for one last hurrah.


  1. I heard the shots and looked out the window (which faces Kenmore), but didn't see anything. From then on kept hearing police sirens. Never realized until now that the police and the shooter ended up in the alley that I dump my trash in. Uptown was quiet of late up to then.

  2. I too heard the gunshots, approximately 4 rounds (from a semi-automatic) around 7:20PM on Friday night. I looked out my window, which faces Wilson, out towards Sheridan, where one of the previous shootings occurred during the summer and didn't see anything. Not more than a few minutes later I heard police sirens. Glad they handled it, but it's starting to wear on my nerves living in Uptown.