Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Uptown Photographer on "Chicago Tonight"

Bob Rehak, whose book goes on sale today and who will be speaking at the Uptown Library tomorrow, will be interviewed about the Uptown he photographed in the mid-1970s on Chicago Tonight on WTTW's Chicago Tonight, airing at 7pm and repeating at midnight..
Taking A Look At Uptown 40 Years Ago.  In the mid-70s, the Uptown neighborhood was filled with poor whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians. It was infected with gang activity, mental illness and a unique architectural style. One man decided to document it all with his camera, and is now sharing the images in his new book, Uptown: Portrait of a Chicago Neighborhood in the Mid 1970s. We talk with Bob Rehak as he shares his experiences while documenting a diverse Chicago neighborhood. Check back here later to view a slideshow of images and captions from the author.

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  1. I love the photographs of Uptown in the 1970's, but I was hoping that there would be more representation of the Uptown Theatre with the concerts that it hosted. Specifically, there was an incredible concert that was performed by a New Jersey band on the night of Wednesday, September 6, 1978.