Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Uptown Farmers Market Goes Indoors For The Winter

Weiss Memorial Hospital's Uptown Farmers Market will move indoors through Christmas and take place every Thursdays from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the first floor of the hospital, located at 4646 North Marine Drive. On the first three Thursdays of December, the regular market will expand to include 5 to 10 local artists and crafters selling jewelry, soaps, scents, crafts, and artwork.

Attached are Halloween Day 2013 photos of just two of the weekly vendors: Farmer Phil and Rhonda Jo of D&R Gardens and Sally Kenyon of Uptown Brownie. Yes, they really ARE superheroes!


  1. I really wish that the Uptown Farmers Market would take place on the weekend or even during the evening on the weekdays. I can never make it to the farmers market because of work. :'(

    1. The market has a lot of weekday traffic from the hospital but a weekend market would be really great too, especially with so many residents & visitors going to & from the lakefront on weekend mornings. Sometimes 1000s of people at charity events on a Saturday or Sunday morning and lots at the dog beach year-round too.

  2. Agreed - I would love to support this market, but with working all day outside of the area, I'm never able to make it. Hope it continues for those who benefit, and would love to see an occasional weekend as well!