Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two Shot At Lawrence & Sheridan Friday Night

More shenanigans from our idiot neighbors who have weapons and no impulse control.  Perhaps the city could dump some of the city's litter in the lake and make landfill, then cordon it off and make it their "turf" so they can dispute their imaginary "ownership rights" all they want without harming businesses and bystanders.  It worked for the Levee District 100 years ago...

A reader posted on UU's Facebook page:

"Shots fired tonight, Nov 1, just before 11:00pm at Sheridan and Lawrence near Poppa Ray's Pizza restaurant. One reported shooting but no way to verify. One bystander reported being in the restaurant when 4 shots went off. People inside reportedly hit the floor. The bystander reported that one person had been shot in the foot. Fire truck and ambulance came to the scene. Approximately 7 police cars responded at first and a few of these and other arriving police cars spread out away from the scene as if searching. What appeared to be a local gang crew were swiftly walking away from the scene heading south and talking about the shots. It is unknown whether any of them were targets. Gun powder could be smelled for about 15 minutes after the incident."

The Tribune reports that an argument started inside the restaurant.  When they were told to leave, it continued on the street.  One man was hit in the foot, another in the leg.  Here's the Tribune's full report.

UU Note:  Papa Ray's has bulletproof glass, another reader commented.

UU Note:  Good reminder that Sunday night is a free safety seminar taught by a former cop, at Uptown Baptist Church, and Monday is the 46th Ward Town Hall Meeting, with an emphasis on police presence in Uptown.

Update:  The Tribune has a four-photo essay and interviews with people who work in Papa Ray's and near the corner.  Although violent crimes are down fifty percent over last year in Uptown, each incident affects nerves and small business owners' bottom line.

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