Friday, November 1, 2013

Safety Seminar For Places of Worship,
Sponsored By Uptown Baptist Church On Sunday

Given that five people were shot and one murdered in front of Uptown Baptist Church in August in a gang-related shooting, we think this is a timely seminar.  We encourage people to attend to learn about gangs and safety from a former police officer and applaud Uptown Baptist for sponsoring it.

We are curious to see what the seminar might say about pastors going to court to plead for leniency for known gang members/habitual criminals who are arrested carrying loaded weapons.  That's exactly what happened in the case last year of Willie Mason, a Vice Lord.  Both the associate pastor and pastor of Uptown Baptist went to court and made statements in his defense.  Perhaps the Vice Lord-involved murder on its property has opened some eyes as to what a cancer these gangs are on Uptown, rather than sympathetic figures.

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