Monday, October 21, 2013

We Can Almost Taste The Cherry Limeades...

Site prep has begun on the future home of Sonic at Wilson and Kenmore. This will be Chicago's first Sonic Drive-In. Curious how Sonic will look when complete? See the rendering below. Also check out our past coverage here.


  1. Fantastic! I've had friends from around Chicago mention this development, jealous of our future sonic. I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. Cherry Limeade sounds disgusting and is disgusting. Didnt know it was a Sonic thing. But glad to finally be able to try Sonic out after watching their commercials for the past few years.

  3. It is a poor location for the franchise. It is drive-through focused and many consumers in the area foot traffic. Look at the McDonalds. Hopefully, Sonic will have security and enforce Chicago's no littering or no excessive noise ordinances.

    1. I agree, I was very sad to see this was approved.
      Say what you will about it being better than a vacant lot, but now this drive-thru business will be here for many years hindering any initiatives focused on the more than 40% of uptowners who have no car.

    2. Sonic is designing this particular restaurant to make it more pedestrian friendly as opposed to their other locations that service mostly vehicle orders.

    3. Pedestrian friendly wouldn't be the right word.

      It has double drive thrus and 9 drive in spots. At least 2 curb cuts will go in I imagine, it's like crossing two extra streets except without the traffic control.

    4. In other words it's just like most every other major franchised fast food joint in da bit city. Waaaah.

      If TWO whole curb cuts and the thought of having to walk past them scare you I suggest you move to corncob Nebraska. Where the only vehicles on the street are tractors and pickup trucks.

      Jaysus, this is a good thing for Uptown. Sonic, at least until more franchises open locally, will be a destination restaurant for many people. You can't say that about the nearby McDonalds or most other fast food joints.

      This idea some people have of a car free urban environment is not going to happen. People have cars. People eat meat. Some people don't utilize birth control during sex, I'm thinking of your parents, and not everyone wants to raise free range chickens and chant non denominational hymns to the Sun Goddess before they sleep on their allergy free mattress each night.

      Chicago is a big city with a big heart. That heart can include places that are both car friendly and pedestrian friendly. It's amazing that anyone manages to walk into the nearby McDonalds without getting run down by traffic.

      I don't own a car. I've been known to walk into quality establishments like McDonalds and I haven't been hit by a car yet. Stray bullets on Wilson............ok I took a round in my left buttcheek back in 89', but no problems with cars.

      It's a city and people have differing needs and desires. Get over yourself or perhaps go back in time and prevent the invention of the internal combustion engine.

      I leave you with a prayer for the city:

      Now the start of a prayer:


      Save us from the left wing know what is best busybodies.

      Save us from the right wing imperial moralists.

      Save us from those who would save us.

      Amen and pass the ketchup.

    5. It's one of a handful of Sonics that will have an indoor dining room that seats 40. According to Crain's, fewer than 20 Sonics nationwide (out of 3500 stores) offer indoor dining. Sounds like they're thinking about the pedestrian customers to me.

      It will have only 9 carhop spots, compared with the 30 or so at most Sonics.

      Yes, it will have two curb cuts, as do most high-rises, supermarkets, and parking lots. Sonic's original concept included curb cuts on Kenmore, but it changed the plans after neighbors objected. Wilson has sidewalks on both sides of the street, so you may feel safer walking on the southern side of that particular block. BTW, the existing curb cut on Kenmore will be returned to a parking space.

      After having an empty lot there for 30+ years, a thriving business in the neighborhood will take some getting used to. Expect some growing pains.

      Bottom line: Chicago is broke. Uptown has many properties that are owned by tax-exempt entities that add nothing, literally nothing, to the tax rolls. Here comes a company with a strong following and proven track record, it's a for-profit entity that pays sales and property taxes, from which Chicago will benefit. It's chosen to enter the Chicago market right here, in Uptown. That's good for the ward's tax base and for 75 people who want service-industry jobs. It adds a little cachet to Uptown's reputation.

  4. Looking forward to eating at Sonic!

  5. Can't wait to try some tots!!

  6. I Remember way back in High School, this was a great place and FINALLY they have migrated into Chicago..Yuppieee !...Originating in Texas I'm sure it will be a success and maybe Paula Dean will be the NEW COOK..? Remember when Rallys was at the corner of Addison and Halstead? That freakin Place was Bizzzzzz---eeee!!! will this place