Friday, October 25, 2013

Person Shot At Near Wilson & Clifton

The scene outside 7-Eleven at Wilson and Clifton
Reports are still coming in and will most certainly change. Around 7PM shots were fired near Wilson and Clifton. Comments on our Facebook from bystanders mention someone being shot near Harold's Chicken in an apparent drive-by. The victim was later taken away by ambulance. Crime scene tape around perimeter of the scene. Truman College was placed on lockdown. Add any additional info in the comments or check out the comments pouring in on our Facebook page.

See "Teen Shot Riding Bike On North Side Street" via Chicago Tribune

DNAinfo Chicago: "Man Hospitalized After Shooting Near Wilson 'L' Stop"


  1. Heard 5 shots, they only thing different from most of the shootings i get to hear and see is that the shots were fired rather slowly.

  2. Truman college security should hire some off duty police. They seem unprofessional & allow the vagrancy outside that contributes to these shootings. Now there will be the usual revenge shooting near the Sheridan & Lawrence area. And the cycle continues.....

  3. It would help if you knew what you're writing about before you go off half-cocked (again). A good number of Truman's security staff ARE retired or off-duty CPD. People who hang out on Truman property are mostly students carrying ID's--even if they are gangbangers enrolled in a class so they have "reason" to be there. And the "vagrancy" you continually refer to so vaguely doesn't contribute to shootings--gang activity DOES. If you've got so many great ideas about how to fix the problems around Truman, the surrounding neighborhoods would love to see you drag your carcass to the CAPS meetings and put your money where your mouth is. Heaven knows that we've tried to get Truman to be more engaged with neighborhood safety (and public relations)...but Truman has nothing to do with gang violence in the public way, even if it WAS in front of Truman (or the murder on Sunnyside east of Racine a year or so ago, right next to Truman's parking structure).

  4. The shootings always seem to occur at spots throughout Uptown where loitering is a problem. The police need to disperse these crowds and enforce the gang/narcotic zones. Perhaps, Wilson Men's Club can hire some security outside?

  5. Just an opinion, I hate Wilson Men's Club but I doubt if this shooting had anything to do with those idiots. I would like to hear more.