Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Janeane Garafalo To Appear At Paper Machete on Saturday

It's the smartest, funniest, most musical hour in Uptown, it happens every week, and it's free!  Of course we're talking about Paper Machete, the live cabaret comedy news magazine that takes place at the Green Mill at 3pm every Saturday.

This week, the featured guest is Janeane Garafalo, who'll be appearing Friday and Saturday at the Mayne Stage in Rogers Park.  See her instead, for free, close to home.  The rest of the line-up includes Bill Cochran, Ike Holter, Samantha Irby, Katie Rich and Steve Waltien, Julia Weiss, Chad the Bird, cabaret tunes by Bill Larkin, and musical guests Bailey.

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  1. Up until the past couplaweeks I never heard of Samantha Irby. Tribune had a story on her and I googled her name.

    She's hilarious. Like me, only funny and less annoying.

    Here are some links. I refuse to hyperlink because she would want you to work for it.