Thursday, October 31, 2013

Graceland Cemetery: A Beginner's Guide

This gorgeous photo of autumnal Graceland was taken by reader (and star of
WGN's "Weekend Workbench") Ryan Salzwedel.  Hard to believe this is just
steps away from the corner of Magnolia and Montrose.  Click to enlarge.

FLATS Chicago has a great series of photos of Graceland Cemetery (Irving Park and Clark) and descriptions to go with them on its website.  Well worth reading, and visiting.
Most people look to the Loop to find Chicago’s architectural masterpieces and history, but few look at Chicago’s cemeteries. Not only is Graceland Cemetery in Uptown incredibly beautiful, but it’s also a gold-mine of fascinating stories and local history. The gorgeous landscaping and broad walking paths make Graceland feel like a neoclassical walking tour of the Red Line, lined with shiny monuments bearing names like Fullerton, Kimball, Harrison, and Kinzie. At this time of year, Graceland is the place to get enthused or celebrate an authentic Chicago-style Halloween.  Read the entire article here.

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