Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sonic To Begin Construction At Wilson & Kenmore This Fall

Truman Square Neighbors let us know the latest:

SONIC UPDATE.. thank you to the staff of Alderman Cappleman's office, who looked into the TSN inquiry on where we are on this...
"I talked to (them) yesterday, and they believe that they have all their building permit issues resolved. They have a couple paperwork things to do and are expecting permits to be in hand by Monday, and to start construction as soon as October 1.

Since their timing was thrown off (originally expecting an August/ Sept opening) they are trying to determine their new schedule. Looks like soft opening in the winter and "grand opening" probably in March. They may do a ground breaking event, too....."
UU Note:  There is a photo in Bob Rehak's amazing portfolio of 1970s Uptown of what that corner looked like before it was an empty lot.  We don't want to step on his copyright by reprinting it, but you can click on the link to see it.  Very depressing, very sad.  Uptown has come a long way in the past few decades.

UU Note:  If you want to see more details about Sonic and the whys and hows, see UU's post from December.


  1. Hopefully, they will be able to keep the noise level down. The "car service" that these restaurants are famous for attract a lot of litter.

  2. Just what this corner needs....another excuse for people to gather and loiter. Sounds like even more of a reason to avoid the area.

  3. My goodness, WorkerBee! This is great news! This is not another fried chicken place, not another dollar store, and not another currency exchange. Yes, McD's is just a block away, but Sonic >> McDonald's.

  4. We welcome you with open arms Sonic!!!

  5. The nature of the Sonic business model promotes loitering by placing tables and chairs outside. I'm sure this will be like many other businesses that allow thugs to just hang. The bangers can now have a burger and malt while preying on their next victim(s). I suppose one up side here is they will be spending some of their drug money at a local business. Oh, did y'all hear the good news? Chicago was given the distinction of Murder Capital USA by they FBI. I'm sure Rahm will send them a strongly worded email that lets them know "crime is down in Chicago."