Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shots Fired Saturday Evening, No One Hit

Several readers report shots fired tonight on Magnolia near Wilson, around 6pm.  There was an immediate police response, and we have heard of no one being hit.  We are told that the police response was centered around the strip mall at the corner.  Officers were later seen walking down the middle of the 4500 block of Magnolia.

As we are all reading and hearing, there is an ongoing gang dispute causing all this idiocy, and the revenge mentality that seems part and parcel of gang life.  Please continue to call 911 when you hear or see anything suspicious.  With the expanded number of police who are here in Uptown right now, pulled in from other areas, there's a good chance of them catching the knuckleheads who feel this community is their own private shooting range, or of stopping something before it escalates.

Maybe we could get all the gangbangers to tattoo AK-47s on their foreheads so we know who to avoid.

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  1. I'm not aware of anyone being hurt in this shooting Saturday evening, but my friend's car was shot 4 times, causing significant damage.