Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Davis For The People" Launches

Eighteen seventeen months before the next aldermanic election, we have the first hat -- well, scarf -- thrown into the ring for 2015.

Denice Davis, former Chief of Staff for Ald. Helen Shiller, has announced her candidacy for 46th Ward Alderman.

Her campaign Facebook page is here.


  1. I don't like her. She drove her big SUV around like a crazy lady and then gave me a dirty look when she almost ran me over.

  2. I don't need to remind anyone of some of Denice's "Greatest Hits":

    ... Alderman Shiller helped pay for a gang member's funeral out of her political campaign fund. The article makes a clear connection between keeping the gangs on her side and keeping her political power in the 46th ward.
    The article also cites Denice Davis, Helen Shiller's former Chief of Staff, who would frequently intervene when the police were trying to arrest and/or charge gangbangers. Sadly, police officers got the message, and a retired officer indicated that arresting a gang member "brought trouble" from the 46th ward office.

  3. You know Davis has a point; Uptown needs more cage hotels.

  4. Oh, goody goody gumdrops. This will be entertaining.

  5. Preface: the images of her work helping the poor are certainly commendable.

    That said, she should raise her sights a bit and run for Governor, where she could do a lot more damage.

  6. Well first let's start this race off correctly. Also the election is only 17 months away.

    Davis will be able to get on the ballot which is better than some of the other unannounced candidates are likely to do. Perhaps Mark Kaplan will come down from Rogers Park to help her circulate petitions.

    I also see some of my JPUSA friends are already wishing Davis well on her Facebook page.

    JPUSA and Davis sitting in a tree. K I S S I N G. First comes love, then comes marriage then comes a gangbanger with a gun in a baby carriage.

    After the arrest of said banger Alderwoman Davis would head to the police station to try to get the banger released if past performance is any indication of future performance.

    If Davis is the best the Cappleopposition can do then Team Cappleman has nothing to worry about. Looking at the results of the February and April 2011 aldermanic voting tells me that at best or worst, depending on your point of view, the hardcore Shillerista vote is around 20 percent of the electorate. That's a generous estimation on my part. Mark Kaplan ended up with less than 10 percent in his run in February 2011, but there were some other candidates who may have appealed to some of those voters so I doubled it because I'm a kind and gentle provocateur.

    It seems there are four legitimate reasons for running for office.

    1. You think you can win. Ain't gonna happen for Davis.

    2. You realize loss is likely, but see a chance to win in the future. Ain't gonna happen for Davis.

    3. You want to get your point of view out there even those loss is inevitable. This she will be able to do which will be a big factor in her overwhelming loss.

    4. You have a large collection of exciting hats and headgear and you want to use your campaign as a platform for the future release of your fashion line:
    DD's Fabulous Headgear! Said Fashion Line will be available in T Shirt Shops and Liquor stores in all the most gang infested blocks on the north side.

    5. WHAT, I said four legitimate reasons. Shut up IrishPirate! No, I won't shut up. Mom, tell IrishPirate to shut up. You tell him to shut up. Don't make me come down there. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH the voices I'm hearing voices. Wait what is that? It's Bob Dylan!

  7. Thanks, IP, we stand corrected. Election day is Tuesday, February 24, 2015 -- mark it on your calendar!

  8. "This isn't your ward, sweetie".

    Sorry, Denice, the people have had a taste of how sweet sweet communication and openness work and I can't see them giving it up any time soon.

  9. We are on the path of progress in Uptown. We don't need to regress with voting in another candidate wanting this neighborhood belonging to the gang members.

  10. As a representative of Denise Davis and "Davis For the People" I am proud to say Ms. Davis will be running for Alderman in the 46th Ward. Ms. Davis was an employee of Helen Schiller. Helen Schiller was the Alderman. Ms. Davis understood before she announced her candidacy that there would be some who would link her to the decision making of Helen Schiller. She was an employee. Now with her own Ideas, Decisions, and Progressive Plan. Ms. Davis has step forward to once again re-unify Uptown. Confront the violence and press forward with a Progressive agenda. We ask that you keep an open mind. Listen to all the Ideas and Plans and then make a decision. This is not satire. Davis For the People is a reality. To many Uptown residents are feeling unsafe and ostercized. VOTE Davis For the People!!!!

    1. Seeing how Denice makes a point in her video as to the spelling her her name, you might want to proof read that first line. Also the last while you're at it. Best of luck in the election, this should be entertaining.

    2. I have lived in Uptown on and off for 20 years, Denice had plenty of time and opportunity to create a better enviroment, which tells me she is not a leader but a follower! Shame on her and Schiller for what they did to Uptown! It really is disguisting now can we move on and continue to make progress from this side show? oye......If she had any common sense she would realize she is creating a freak show and not helping with change by running. To many articles and facts have been out there that she is linked too.

  11. Review the Link.

  12. DD,

    U might want to learn how to spell SHILLER.

    Just sayin'.


    Also please have someone proofread your work. It's OSTRACIZED. Ostercized involves a blender and a rum drink of some type. Moreover, while grammar, spelin', and
    punctuation don't need to be perfect too many errors annoys people.

    I am an expert on annoying people and your writing is annoying. I'd almost guess Helen Shiller wrote that paragraph it's so filled with errors.

    Now I leave DD and her supporters with this.

    To dream.......

  13. We know Irish Pirate you are a "funny lad" We look forward to seeing you at the polls in 2015! Every VOTE counts!

    1. If this "Denice Davis" isn't a parody then my name isn't Sonja Henie.

  14. sociology studies with a focus on cookoo's... welcome to uptown! pseudo-critiques, over-drugged-poorly-managed mental patients, don't-live-in-the-neighborhgood loud-mouths, left-over-from-the crack-epidemic-still-cracked-out loiterers, cannot-aim-bang-bang gangbangers, and child-raping-hippy cults have now been joined by an aldermanic candidate with a history of gangbanger support! you cannot make this up.

  15. Nice. She's already getting City employees to use their position to further her campaign in violation of Section 2-156-135(b) of the Munipal Code. See the Chicago Fire Department employee (wearing a Chicago Fire Department t-shirt) featured on her campaign site and in her campaign video? I guess she didn't pay much attention to "ethics training" during her 25 years as a City employee.

  16. As much as I couldn't stand Shiller and her scortched earth policies, I would have her as alderman ANY DAY over Denise Davis.

    Progressive agenda and re-unifying Uptown? HA. Denise couldn't have been more opposite that while she worked for Shiller.

    Denise - "This is no longer your social experiement playground, sweetie."

    1. I don't know about that. Rampant cronyism; disdain for upstanding citizens; policies designed to keep down the poor? Sounds like textbook progressivism to me.

  17. Slow down people. We still have 1.5 years to go. Let's not burn out the entertainment value too quickly.

  18. Denice Davis = Incredibly Racist, anti-police, pro-crime. If I were Cappleman, I would suggest a simple campaign slogan. "Forward or Backward, the choice is simple" He may use that with my full permission =)

  19. I'm unsure of why Ms Davis is running. Perhaps she believes she can win. People are delusional sometimes. I believe that chicks dig my Buddha belly and the stench of nicotine, cheap alcohol and cologne that accompanies me everywhere I go. I also believe that women like being referred to as "chicks" or "babes".

    On a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being metaphysical certainty Davis has about a 1 chance of winning. That's being generous.

    When it comes to elections voter demographics are destiny and the demographics of the 46th ward are not favorable to Davis. Her base is the folks living in low income housing and her appeal doesn't go much beyond that group.

    Now the best thing for Cappleman would be not to have an opponent. The second best thing would be to have Davis as his opponent.

    It's possible to break the opposition to Cappleman down into three main groups.

    1. Shilleristas. That's the Davis base plus hard core lefties. Generously that's 20 percent of the voters.

    2. Dead enders. That's the group of voters whose candidate lost in the last election and HATE HATE HATE Cappleman. I actually saw a profile on Facebook recently with someone in that category whose avatar was her losing candidate's campaign sign. Said candidate didn't even make the runoff. Davis's campaign will actually unite them behind Cappleman...perhaps reluctantly.

    3. Disappointed Cappleman voters. This is a small group that seems to have believed that once a new alderman was elected crime would disappear immediately. Are they going to be drawn to Davis?

    Davis running should also prove helpful to Cappleman's fundraising. Can you imagine being a business owner or landlord and consider the impact of an Alderman Davis on the 46th Ward? I'm going to have check Cappleman's campaign disclosure and make sure Davis isn't on his payroll under "fundraising consultant".

    Now my guess as to why Davis is running is simple. EGO. It's easy enough to see from her boisterous personality and manner of dress that she loves being the center of attention. Maybe she thinks she can win. She can't.

    If ONE and the rest of the Shillerista horde got together and decided Davis was their best candidate, and I doubt they did, then they are stupider and more out of touch that I believed they were. That's a whole lot of stupid and out of touch.

    In person she generally comes off as a woman trying to masquerade as a transvestite and that won't play among many voters in the 46th Ward. In fairness she does make an attractive transvestite impersonator. Perhaps she can find a weekly or monthly gig at one of the gay bars that have contests for that sort of thing. I hung up my high heels and push up bra years ago so she might actually have a chance of winning those contests.

    1. Your an Idiot! Yes you are very annoying. And for those of you who think uptown is moving forward guess again. There is more crime, more homelessness and infestation. And btw Ms. Davis wouldn't have to go to the police station to intervene on any ones behalf if the 46th Ward police " AKA Gang bangers in Uniform" weren't notorious for their wrongful arrest and crookedness. Whether you like it or not Uptown was built with the people in mind. It is one of the only neighborhoods that still offer a generous amount of affordable housing and social services, which are steady disappearing during this alderman's run. Affordable housing Which in fact is becoming a city wide issue with rental rates ski rocketing and job opportunities still down. This is not only a poor problem, hunger and homelessness, drug abuse and violence is rising because Cappleman is doing everything to eliminate the services and facilities that help keep these folks off the street. Cappleman's shut down and shut out approach isn't working. We need an alderman who represents the people and not just the wealthy 1% (his friends). Ms. Davis brings the best of both worlds and that is what this election is about, not about how she looks. That is what is wrong with our society today. If your vote is going to be based on how someone looks or from rumors from the past, do all of us a favor and not waste the ballot. Keep your day job of talking shit or go back to cross dressing

    2. It took you 3.5 months to respond to this. Today? I just got in from a prolonged vacation this afternoon and you post today? Did an alarm go off at Union Station when I got off Amtrak. Yes, Amtrak. Seems the flights all over the eastern half of the continent are screwed up. I was supposed to be home on Friday.

      I get home and find my nephew who was staying at my place to shovel the snow and make it look occupied not only drank ALL of my alcohol, but considers shoveling a one foot wide path on the sidewalk enough. I hate that. He is no longer my heir. I'm going to disown him and let his sister stay here next time. She at least will shovel the snow properly and probably recaulk my tubs while she's at it. Nothing like a lesbian taking home improvement classes at the community college to house sit.

      Plus she would take better care of my dogs Beezle and Bub. They lost weight and were probably drinking my booze too!

      As for you Mister or Madam TRUTH I suggest you take a remedial class in basic written English at Truman. I don't expect perfection, but something not resembling a paragraph long run on sentence would be appreciated.

      If you, in your role as the personal "slackey" of Denice Davis, want to argue she would be a better alderman than the Capplemaniac have at it. If you want to argue the cops are a bigger problem than the feckin bangers have at it. If you want to argue we need more social services in Uptown along with more subsidized housing and fewer cops please proceed Slackey. In the end it AIN't agonna make a difference.

      Davis has near ZERO chance of defeating Cappleman. That's a fact. Davis winning here would be akin to my lesbian niece moving to Utah and getting elected governor on a platform of gay marriage, legal weed, and flannel shirts. Demographics matter and the overwhelming majority of people who vote in this ward and most other wards are property owners. Few property owners of any race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or IQ level north of room temperature are going to look at Cirque Du Denice and say "Damn, what this ward needs is more cowbell and Denice Davis". Her schtick of being the defender of bangers and enemy of the police isn't going to play in this ward. She will likely win 4-6 precincts. Those precincts would be the ones loaded with subsidized housing that Kaplan did well in circa February 2011.

      If it's a one on one race of Davis V Cappleman I would be amazed if she got thirty percent of the vote. More likely twenty percent.

      I don't need to go back to cross dressing. I'm currently wearing a push up bra and high heels modeled on the red slippers from "The Wizard of Oz". Even dressed like this I could run against Davis and get the vast majority of the vote. Cappleman doesn't have my flair for fashion, but he will do even better.

      More to come in other threads later on other topics. I need to restock my liquor spare bedroom first. I was thrilled to see the shooter in the dumpster story from last week.

    3. Oh WOW!! and should we take your analysis serious. Friday there were homeowners there. The people are going to vote with their conscious and not color. Your comments are so dated and quite frankly you are ignorant!! SORRY I'm just being HONEST!!

    4. You're not being honest and thanks for suggesting I'm a racist.

      If you were being honest you would choose one nom de guerre. Pick one. Either RealTalk or TRUTH. It's interesting that the Denice Davis website got updated right after you commented here earlier.

      I'm unsure what event you're talking about on Friday, but Denice ain't gonna win. If you want to defeat Cappleman find a less divisive candidate and then pray hard. Real hard that zombies overrun the ward and drive the Cappleman voters out of the ward. I have yet to see any zombies in real life so I won't be holding my breath.


    Oh geez. That's hilarious! Oh man, I needed a good laugh.

  21. When I called the ward office when she worked there about gun violence, she told me her daughter had a bullet in her head for years and was "just fine". I should take my "racist suburban self" back to the suburbs. Not wanting a bullet in my head apparently makes me a racist in her books. She and Shiller also sat in the back of a community meeting at Truman after a particularly violent weekend and laughed while the police and Cappelman ran the meeting. I am still not a racist and will have no truck with her new image.

  22. I find it really funny that "Niecy with a C" is busy running around dissing the Maryville TIF that her own boss shoved through against community wishes. Miss Thang should remember, like we do, the little boom-shaka-laka victory dance she did in the City Council Chambers when Helen's Wilson Yard TIF got the go-ahead. When Helen was alderman, Miss DeniCe was quick to say that if you were against Helen's TIFs, you were racist. Now that James is alderman, Miss DeniCe is quick to say that if you're for Helen's TIFs, you are racist. Perhaps Miss DeniCE needs medications and a diary.


  23. Well "Boohoo" (does the name mean you are a crier? just asking) any way if you would have made the meeting Friday January 03, 2014 you probably would have the understanding that the problem is not the TIF it is the way TIF is being used.

    The community is against giving a high end developer Tax Incremented Funds. Alderman "Real Estate Investment" Cappleman also has ignored the original wording set forth by Helen Shiller which included, Education, Job training ect.. as part of the TIF.
    Cappleman is abusing the TIF to think he considered giving $30million in TIF to a previous investor. See you guys at the polls.

    1. Sure. See you at the polls. Start planning for 2019. Maybe Paulus will register Jesus to vote by then.

      Now I mentioned this months ago, but I will again. Toni Preckwinkle won this ward overwhelmingly in 2010. Last time I checked she was black. She stomped two other black candidates and a white candidate. She carried every single precinct in the ward except for one. That precinct was won by the by the hack Dorothy Brown who also is black. There are some precincts in this ward with single digit percentages of black voters and Preckwinkle overwhelmingly carried every "white" precinct over the other and white.

      It's not 1983. Racism and racial voting patterns aren't dead, but people vote more on values than race in this ward. Denice with a "C" doesn't represent the values of the majority of voters in this ward. Preckwinkle did. Brown didn't.

      I am going to so enjoy watching you implode over the next 13 months. I truly hope Denice has convinced herself she can win. Cappleman's victory will be even sweeter that way.

      Don't worry though. I'm a kind guy. I'll buy you a Guinness at his victory party. I doubt you could handle a real beer, but perhaps you will surprise me.

    2. We need to find one thing we can all agree on.

      It's cold. K O L D. KOLD.

      -11 right now. Last time I experienced cold like this Bilandic was '"mare". I was tough then. I shoveled the whole block with a spoon.

  24. Hey Bud, (Irish Pirate) I know you were out of town and considering severe weather outside I thought I would be a friend and give you some enjoyable footage to watch.
    You will find it compelling.

    This is Cpplemans acting debut. Well we already knew he was a great act!!

    1. Thanks buddy. I can make stupid videos too. Mine were funnier though.

      That's not much of an "acting" debut for Cappleman. I guess any interview he's done is considered acting. He should join the actors guild. Get a SAG(Screen Actors Guild) card and go pro. I'll give you a clue to my ID. It's not uncommon for me to have small roles in Chicago made movies and TV series. I normally play the bad guy or more likely bad guy in background. Not much of a stretch of my limited acting ability, I know.

      A friend of mine from grade school plays a medium sized role in the Chicago film industry and since I fit nicely into a certain ethnic stereotype he gets me the occasional gig. "Yeah, we don't even need any makeup for youse. Just some period clothing and a prop gun and youse just stand dere like a mope." Unfortunately most of my roles are unheralded and not even in the credits! My IMDB page would overflow if they listed every episode where I appeared in the background at a bar. "Mope standing at bar". "Mope with umbrella". "Mope in background being handcuffed by federal agents." "Mope sitting in Ford Pinto trying to pick up street hooker". "Mope looking mopish in diner scene." "Mopish mope driving streets and san truck". If you need a mope for a film scene in Chicago I'm your guy! As I get older I suspect I will be playing corrupt judges and such. Mopish judges.

      If only I could be as cool as Gary Cooper--in Uptown!

      I did meet Bill Murray once at a non film related event. He made some disparaging remark regarding my haircut and a bowl of soup. I treasure the memory.

      As for the vids you linked to I've unfortunately not been impressed with "FLATS". I hope they get the funding to renovate their buildings this year. They seem to have the ability to acquire buildings and get PR, but renovation is not their strong point. If they get their act together their buildings and the new residents will be a good thing for Uptown.

      I was happy to see Marc Kaplan in that one video. It really broke my heart when he abandoned Uptown and moved to Rogers Park.