Monday, September 30, 2013

Buena Park Gets Some "Sparkle"

A new business, SPARKLE, just opened in Buena Park, at 4129 N Broadway (cross street, Gordon Terrace).  It offers home decor, gifts and accessories.

Thank you to reader DR, who took these photos and writes to say: 

"Noticed a new business opened up in the space next to Alderman Cappleman's [former] campaign office.  They posted these flyers in Buena Park.

In general, that building has redone the awnings and they now actually state the name of the business.  The hair salon seems to have closed and given 7-11's pending move, I'm sure they're trying to look more attractive."

We are glad to welcome SPARKLE to Uptown and wish them success.  We didn't see a website, so if you know of one, please post in the comments.  Stop by and wish Sheila good luck, and take a look around while you're there.  Local business is the lifeblood of a community; help SPARKLE succeed!

Fun Fact:  4129 N Broadway used to be the location of Chicago's Bolivian Consulate.


  1. This is going to sound a bit harsh but I can't help noting that the flyers praise the "beautiful neighborhood," but posting flyers on lampposts I believe is illegal? And certainly makes the neighborhood less beautiful.

  2. Dan, for what it's worth they selectively posted these rather than plastering the neighborhood. I think I saw a single one in the two block radius around my apartment. This corridor of Broadway could use some tenants so here's hoping they succeed.