Sunday, September 22, 2013

And Fall Begins Now

We're posting these photos at 3:44pm, the moment of the September equinox. May we be the first to wish you "Happy Autumn."

Reader Rick Baer sent these in and says: "Here's a couple of pix I took of the Uptown Bank building on Saturday September 21.  The pix were taken just before sunset on a gorgeous evening. The building is located at the southeast corner of Broadway and Lawrence and the pix were taken on the northwest corner (in front of the Green Mill Lounge). Bridgeview Bank (the owners) have done a great job restoring the facing of the building."

"If you look at an enlarged view of the first attachment (the close-up shot), you can see vertical rays of sun on the north side of the building - the last time we'll see the sun there for 6 months."  (click on each photo for a larger version.)

So here's looking at you, Bridgeview Bank.  We're lucky to have such a well-maintained historic building right at the corner of what's shaping up as the Uptown Entertainment District.  We'll be looking forward to the sun peeking around that corner of the building again on March 20, 2014.


  1. I look forward to beginning my new job in that building on October 1!

  2. Nice pics. I was there about 30 minutes ahead of Rick and snapped away. The UB Bldg looked especially amazing that day.