Thursday, August 15, 2013

WGN Visits Pie Hole Pizza On Clark

Marcus LeShock of WGN News went in search of personalized pizza by the slice, and his journey brought him to Pie Hole Pizza Joint at 5001 N Clark, where he interviewed owner Doug Brandt and created a custom slice (BACON!).

Thanks to the lovely and helpful folks at the Tribune, we've embedded the link above.  You can also see it on WGN's website, here.

Doug's had some problems getting the Uptown store open on a consistent basis, most recently when he had some equipment issues.  We've gotten inquiries about whether or not Pie Hole has closed.  An emphatic no!  Doug and his staff are awaiting your arrival.  Pie Hole is open Sunday through Thursday 11am to midnight, and Friday and Saturday 11am to 3am.


  1. Do you mean to say that it's open Friday and Saturday until 3 am, or is it really only a lunch place on Friday and Saturday? That seems unlikely.

  2. Thank you, Orange, for pointing out the error. It is indeed open until 3am on weekends and the text has been corrected. Tell Pie Hole to give you a free slice of pizza for being so eagle-eyed. :-)