Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Another business that is advertising itself in the wrong location, but we love them for it.

Unleashed by Petco, which carries pet supplies and provides dog washes, is clearly north of Foster (in the Murray's Auto Parts/Pizzeria Aroma strip mall), putting it squarely in Edgewater.  But they call themselves Uptown.  In fact, its website says, "Now Open in Chicago Uptown."  We're flattered.  Thanks, fellas.

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  1. Very nice staff of young people at Unleashed. Glad it has brought some jobs to Uptown. But remember it's owned by the Petco Corporation and we shouldn't forget our small business owners in pet supplies and services who have been here for years. You can't beat their knowledge of pet nutrition, behavior, etc. To mention a few, Parkview Pet Supplies, Bark Bark Club, and Soggy Paws are terrific stores and their owners have always given back to the Uptown community.