Friday, August 23, 2013

Shooting Victim Darius Oliver Dies

The most seriously injured victim of Monday's shooting has passed away.  Darius Oliver, age 21, died early this morning after having been on life support since Monday.  He was shot in the head and had been in extremely critical condition since Monday night.

Please keep those who knew and loved Mr. Oliver in your thoughts.  There's going to be plenty of time for figuring out why this happened, but today is a sad day for our community.

More details are in the Tribune.


  1. As unreal as it seems that's the first homicide of 2013 in Uptown. DNAinfo is keeping a running count by neighborhood.

    We've had at least 13 people shot and that's the first death.

    Modern emergency medicine and relatively quick access to Illinois Masonic, which is a first rate trauma center, can take the credit for that.

    When Rahm and his police Superintendent McDrunky start spouting off about lower homicide numbers keep that in mind. It's also been an abnormally cool summer temperature wise. Tracking the number of gunshot victims citywide would be a better indicator of violence levels than tracking the number of deaths.

    I suspect that if we had the same quality of medical response that we had in 1975 the murder numbers would be twice as high.

    Then again back in the 70's it wasn't unusual to have double digit numbers of knifings at various bars on Wilson on a given weekend night. Ah, the Uptown of old.

  2. Live by the sword....

    I don't know this guy and I am not trying to be nonchalant about the situation. Nonetheless, the old adage may be apropos...

    1. All the people shot were not all gang members, by the way. My sister lives a half a street away from that shooting and it could've been her coming home from class, getting shot at. So, don't make assumptions about who the shooting victims are. Regular working people and students were out there at that time of day too.


    3. "RealTalk" wrote a blog post, then pretended to be "quoted" by the "author?" Seems legit.

      Try again.