Thursday, August 8, 2013

Seven-Story Residential Building Proposed Across From Chateau Hotel

A reader pointed out a link to an article from Lake View Patch about a possible development going in just outside Uptown's southern border:
A Chicago developer is proposing a 7-story residential and retail tower where a Mobil gas station stands now that Lake View’s Chateau Hotel has vacated its residents and is undergoing a gut-rehab.

Abby Sullivan, Ald. James Cappleman’s (46th) Special Projects Manager, first introduced the plan at Tuesday evening’s East Lake View Neighbors meeting. She says the developer is looking to build 90 housing units and nearly 2,000-square-feet of retail at the North Broadway Street and Sheridan Road intersection.  Read the rest of the article here.
The reader who sent in the link says, "What a great change this would bring to that corner! With the BP at Irving Park and Broadway and the Shell at Halsted and Addison, there's no need for a 3rd gas station in the area anyway."

The article in Patch mentions that it the proposal will need to go before the 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee before any work begins.


  1. Your comment about the number of gas stations should be more appropriately targeted to the number of coffee shop and half empty residential buildings. I can get coffee anywhere throughout the city, but despite the appearance of 3 gas stations near each other there is a huge lack of convenient fueling stations throughout the city and there is also an acceptable amount of competition to be permitted. We don't need any more overpriced "pseudo-luxury" housing in that area.
    If this plan goes through, it will not happen for years. Because I can guarantee that those fuel tanks under the ground have leaked, at least a little. The clean-up will cause legal battles between the property owner, gas station owner, the new property owner, the city and the EPA. These battles will go on for years while a hole with a fence sits there. This happens every time a property is built on the location of a former gas station. Best to leave it there.

  2. I'm not gonna hold my breath on this one, as the presence of a gas station (that's been there for ages) likely means the ground will need environmental remediation before anything can be built there.

  3. Oh, well, I guess I should've read the full article before opening my mouth. They say they've already done environmental studies and found no leaks.

  4. Would certainly improve the view when sipping tequilla at El Marachi!

  5. You mean to tell me there aren't enough vacant or foreclosed apartment buildings in the city that they can't redevelop? Building from the ground up, w/o govt funding, means "luxury" prices when it's finished. Rents are too high already. High rents will cause people to move out of the city -- just watch.

    1. one word - location, location, location. those vacant/foreclosed apartment buildings (or condo units) in good areas will certainly be redeveloped. those in bad areas will continue to languish.