Friday, August 9, 2013

Safe Passage Routes For CPS Students Announced

Many readers have commented on and sent in pictures of the "Safe Passage" signs, designed to provide secure routes for children to walk to new schools from ones that have closed. CPS says 600 workers have been hired to staff the routes, wearing yellow vests, and that problem areas along the route (abandoned buildings, graffiti, low tree branches) are being eliminated.  Penalties for having weapons along the route have been increased.  The first day of school is Monday, August 26th.

Today CPS released the exact routes for "Safe Passage." Maps of the entire city are here (thanks, Sun-Times!). Below are the routes involving Uptown.

Although neither school is located in Uptown, the closing of Trumbull
affects students living here, so we've included it.

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  1. No child left behind! Are the children safe, really? Now that we have "Safe Passage" signs pinned up every 10 feet, paid for by us tax payers, does this actually draw more attention to the "passages" as target areas for shooting galleries?
    A sign is not going to stop a shooting, we live in the wild west where guns laws are controlled by special interests, not family.