Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another Transforming Day For Broadway

We have the best reader/photographers!  Thank you for the great shots, guys and gals, and thank you very much for sharing them with your neighbors.  This is what they saw Wednesday evening and Thursday on the set of Transformers 4.  All photos can be seen in larger versions by clicking on them.

Look what Ric Addy found hanging out in front of Shake Rattle & Read!

The gorgeous original poster frames on the Uptown Theater, normally
hidden from view by the wood paneling that protects them and the original box office
Artfully aged posters advertising Austin's South by Southwest Festival, circa 2002
They may look 11 years old, but they're brand new Hollywood magic
Not sure if it's the Green Mill or Crew, but it's been
"transformed" into a Texas honky-tonk
Can't recreate Texas without a muscle car....
... or a pickup truck.
Update:  Huffington Post has some more photos of the set taken Thursday morning.

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