Monday, July 29, 2013

Where Am I Located?

Identify the location of this faded "CHAPEL" sign
and be the envy of all your friends!

Update:  As several readers correctly guessed, the "CHAPEL" sign is above the Decibel Bar, formerly The Spot, formerly Frankie J's, at 4437 N Broadway.  As we learned last year, the restaurant was built as a funeral home, and in 1928 was home to Skeeles Biddle & Rockefeller, undertakers, and J. Weinstein & Son, undertakers.  If you look closely, below the "CHAPEL" sign it looks like there's a row of stained glass windows.  Part of Uptown's ever-changing landscape and constant repurposing of buildings.


  1. Piser - Weinstein Funeral Home
    Long closed - Broadway & Foster ???

  2. facade of decibel bar formerly the spot, i believe.

    1. UptownUnity (and friend who sent the answer to the Hotmail account), you are correct!