Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Update On Sunday's Shooting

From Ald. Osterman in an email blast:

[Sunday] evening, around approximately 7:00pm, a shooting occurred in the alley behind 5036 N. Kenmore injuring one individual. Several residents called the Police, who arrived and apprehended the offender on the scene. After the arrest, the weapon was recovered and the offender was charged with aggravated battery amongst other charges. The offender has a criminal record, is affiliated with a gang and is currently in custody.

I would like to commend the 20th district police officers for their swift arrival and prompt action. My office will meet with the victim and witnesses, who are cooperating with authorities, to lend support throughout the court process. Additionally, I will meet with residents of the building where the incident occurred to discuss improved safety measures on this block.

Last week, the Chicago Police Department announced an undercover operation resulting in the arrest of 14 individuals in the Uptown area. Since that announcement, a fifteenth individual with ties to criminal activity has been arrested. I will continue to work closely with the 20th district police on both recent and ongoing safety issues affecting our community and will provide updates as I receive more information.

This Wednesday, July 17, we will host a CAPS Night Out at Goudy Elementary School (5120 N. Winthrop) from 4pm - 6pm. We welcome community members to come out and join us, and all youth are invited to participate in fun and positive recreational activities. Officers from the 20th district will also be present.

If you have any information regarding ongoing criminal activity, please contact 48th Ward public safety liaison Marko Zaric at Marko@48thward.org or 773-784-5277.

UU Note:  The Trib has a story about the shooting, mentioning that the alleged shooter was from Edgewater and was apprehended by the police a block from his home on Sheridan.

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  1. Great work by the community and the police. Now let us see the legal system do its job to protect society by getting this thug off the streets for the next 30 years or so.