Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Refuge" With Director Q&A To Be Screened At Bezazian Library

If you're like us, you may have noticed the Self-Help Home on Argyle, east of Sheridan.  Like us, you may have assumed it to be a Twelve Step recovery facility.  Like us, you would be wrong.

The fascinating story of the Self-Help Home is the subject of a documentary that's been shown on WTTW, and will be shown this Monday evening at the Bezazian Branch Library, located at 1226 W Ainslie.

"Bezazian Branch of the Chicago Public Library is screening the documentary Refuge: Stories of the Selfhelp Home on Monday, July 15 at 6pm.  The director, Ethan Bensinger, will be present for a Q&A. 

Refuge is a one-hour documentary that weaves together historical narrative, archival footage and deeply personal testimony to explore the lives of six Chicagoans against the context of the Nazi cataclysm and tell the story of a singular community that has given refuge to more than 1,000 Central European Jewish refugees and survivors.

Selfhelp was founded in the late 1930s by a handful of young Jewish refugees who fled Nazi Germany to the safety of Chicago. Selfhelp provided housing, food, English classes and job placement services to other displaced Jewish émigrés and later, after the war, to Holocaust survivors."

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