Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's Not Easy Being Green (GAIA's Theme Song)

Oh, how we loathe those green GAIA boxes, like this one in the empty lot on Sheridan, just south of Argyle.  Soggy picked-over clothes taken out of the box and spread over the entire lot.  And it seems they're rarely emptied.  Nice job in serving your mission of "taking action to protect" the environment, GAIA.

When we featured previous green box messes (at Uplift School and at the gas station at Foster and Broadway), readers cited articles saying that GAIA gave less than 5% of its profits to its cause and has been mostly banned in Europe, so they set up shop right here in Chicago.

If they'd just take care of the messes their donation boxes create, right in their own backyard, we'd be a little less likely to care.

We emailed to tell them about this one.  We hope they are good caretakers of the planet, as they claim to be, and come pick up the mess their donation box has created.


  1. GAIA still scamming people?

  2. Streets and San fines overflowing dumpsters. Can't the owners of these boxes be fined. If not, I'd suggest confiscating the boxes.

    GAIA just packages up the clothing and sells it by weight in 3rd world countries. They do very little "charitable" work.

  3. Is there a reputable company that does a similar service with these type drop off boxes?

  4. Koocachoo,
    Take your used clothes to the Brown Elephant. There is a location in Andersonville (Clark Street) and one in Lakeview (Halsted). They will provide you a form so you can deduct your donation from your taxes, and proceeds from the resale of the clothes benefits the Howard Brown Health Center.