Friday, July 5, 2013

Decibel Bar Hits "The Spot"

The inside now matches the outside.

The Decibel Bar, which took over in November after The Spot closed, has changed the old marquee to reflect the new name and the new vibe inside.

The food is Asian fusion, according to the owner we spoke to, and the nights are late:  6pm until 2am most nights, and 6pm to 3am on Saturdays.

On Friday and Saturday, there's live music, and the kitchen stays open until 1am.

No website that we could find, but the Yelp page is here.  Apparently they do delivery, too, so you can check out the menu here.

Decibel Bar is located at 4437 N Broadway, next to the Tattoo Factory.

Anyone been there who can tell us more?


  1. There is a website but it is still under construction.
    I've not been but would like to see more of what they offer. i.e. what is the entertainment?

  2. They sound and look like they should be a piano bar, but asian food doesn't sound like they would be one. I too would like to know more.

  3. New business, no website? They need a plan.

  4. This bar, in its myriad incarnations has always frustrated me because it has never settled on an identity and I fear the same is still true. "Decibel" is not super-comfortable or inviting and is not the around-the-corner hangout I've longed for. While the menu has changed, the interior and the vibe are still terribly mis-matched and confused. Like its predecessors, the few times that I've been in, it's been a completely different bar, sometimes okay and sometimes bad. I definitely noticed that there seem to be an odd management-staff dynamic, which contributed to then overall odd feeling that is always there.
    The food was okay, definately not to Argyle standards, though since I love Asian food more than bar food, so I thought it was a cool
    aspect . However the drink list is unremarkable (and they've always out of whatever my first choice is)
    I was hoping that the bar would own its Asianess but not be "an Asian bar" (à la Nisei Lounge) and serve Bia Sài Gòn, Tsingtao, Chang, etc. along with litchi martinis and the like but it hasn't. I even tried to get some of the iced Vietnamese coffee that the staff were making and was refused and only after intense lobbying could order some (that when spiked, is great). I'd love to see a place do Irish-Vietnamese coffee!

    Though my biggest complaint, and this may just be my experience or perception, but I felt like my boyfriend and I were distinctly unwelcome by the management and subject to frequent glares (the main bartender, however has always been lovely). So, it came as an ironic surprise when I recently saw the pride banner out front last week.

    I probably won't be back anytime soon. Maybe there'll be another try. But for now, I'll still be schlepping further for a bar that feels right. It's a shame—I really want a "home bar" that's actually close to home.

  5. I will admit that this place seemed to get off the ground slowly. Not much going on. I have been in there a little in the last few weeks and has gotten much better then months past. There are a lot more people coming in, and of all walks of like, which is just what I would expect of the Uptown area, where I live. The staff is great to talk to and very nice. I also like the food there as well. I was talking with some of the workers and they said their take out and deliveries have gone up as well.
    The theme did seem unnoticeable in the early months, but they say they know the direction that they want to go in. A music and sports atmosphere accompanied by karaoke, live performances, shows, stand-up and private parties. I am a big beer enthusiast and I notice that they are beginning to get in some better drafts. (I might have hinted to them) I suggest if you live in the neighborhood to stop in. Each of the bars in the area have their own identity and I think this place is going in the right direction.

  6. almost forgot, their website is out as well: