Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beat 1914 CAPS Meets Wednesday

From Amy, Beat 1914 CAPS co-facilitator:

"Hi Neighbors.  Wednesday night is our monthly CAPS Meeting for Beat 1914 [the area bordered by Lawrence, Montrose, Broadway and the lake], and we hope to see you there! As you know, we like to move the meeting around to different parts of the beat area during the summer.

Here's the plan, given our unpredicable weather:
  • If it IS NOT raining at 6:30pm, we will be meeting at Aster Playlot Park at 7pm: 4639 N. Kenmore Ave.
  • If it IS raining at 6:30pm, we will meet at the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse (corner of Sunnyside and Clarendon) at 7pm.
As you know, this monthly meeting is your opportunity to talk with the police officers that work in our neighborhood, representatives from the Alderman's office, and your neighbors about public safety issues and concerns for all residents. If you are experiencing/noticing a chronic problem that relates to public safety in our community, please come to the CAPS Meeting to work towards constructive solutions.  See you there!"

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amy,
    I'm afraid I will be unable to attend the CAPS meeting this month due to a previous obligation.
    I would like it if someone could please ask the police in this beat why they fail, willfully ignoring, to do anything about the constant, constant, constant problem of vagrancy, loitering, public intoxication, littering, and noise nuisances around the corners of Broadway, Montrose and Sheridan.
    Thanks in advance!