Friday, June 21, 2013

Yard Sales! Sidewalk Sales! Garage Sales!

If you're into discovering gently used treasures, this is the weekend for you.  Three different sales are going on, all in the same area.  Shopping galore!


  1. HEY! Don't forget about ours!

    Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm

    at 4629/31 N. Malden St. in Sheridan Park.

    We have antiques, collectibles, vintage stuff, and a little of everything else.

  2. Too many in the same general area. People don't have that much time and money to spend.

  3. Lianna, you're obviously not a yard sale fan. People start getting there at 7am to get first crack at bargains. If you doubt it, just go over to the 18-block Lakewood/Balmoral community yard sale on the second Saturday in September. It's HUGE, and you can't find a place to park for blocks because of all the buyers. "Too many in the same area" to you means "lots of bargains all in the same place" to others. My friends in Lakewood/Balmoral sold so much stuff one year that they had to keep running back into the house to get more, and they covered their mortgage payment for the next month.

  4. The massive Lakewood/Balmoral yardsale is the Saturday following Labor Day weekend (not always the 2nd Sat). In 2013 that's September 7th.
    Confirmed here: