Monday, June 10, 2013

Two People Shot At Sheridan & Lawrence This Afternoon

Around 3:25pm today, many readers, and we at UU, heard 15-20 shots ring out.  So many that we tried to convince ourselves that it was a Red Line train, because there was so much noise it couldn't be shots, right?

But then many reports started coming in of a shooting at Weiss Plaza, the strip mall at the corner of Sheridan and Lawrence.  We've got a turf war going on, apparently, where the idiot gangbangers are trying to kill each other for some real or perceived reason.  It's a few people making a lot of trouble.

There's been a lot of information coming in, fast and furious, and this is what we know so far:
  • The location of the shooting was, specifically, 4816 North Sheridan, the Cricket store.
  • Two people -- possibly a male and a female -- were taken to Illinois Masonic.
  • There are reports that the vehicle involved was a gold minivan -- just like Friday night.  So, yes, a few people causing all this trouble, and too dumb to even get another car.  Idiots.
  • One suspect is already in custody.
  • A gun was found thrown in the bushes on the 800 block of Gunnison.
  • An armed suspect spotted near Castlewood and Marine two hours ago, and there is an active, ongoing manhunt for him.  You may have heard the helicopters.  He is described as a 17 to 22-year-old black male with a white t-shirt.  That's not going to help much.
  • CBS has a story up and confirms the victims and injuries, "a 20-year-old male black was shot in the leg, and a 21-year-old black female was shot in leg and shoulder."  Neither injury is considered life threatening.
Last summer, when Uptown had a similar rash of shootings, it was because a gang war in Rogers Park spilled over into associated gangs here.  We have heard rumors that this is a similar situation stemming from another part of town, and just about as senseless.  Rumors only, with nothing to back them up except more rumors, but it doesn't take much to make our little urban terrorists start firing at one another, as the past week has shown.

There is a public safety meeting sponsored by Ald. Osterman on Tuesday night, June 11 at the Broadway Armory (5917 N. Broadway) starting at 7:00pm.  20th District Commander James Jones (and 24th District Commander Thomas Waldera) are scheduled to speak about safety in their districts.  Weiss Plaza is in the 20th District, and we imagine that today's events will be a big topic of conversation.  If you'd like to hear more, and/or if you're concerned about safety, we urge you to attend.


  1. I understand that CRICKET employees let the gangbangers Charge their Damn phones there... WTH. I hope someone in power contacts Cricket Corporate Offices. Here is the info for those of less in power
    Cricket Corporate Office Headquarters in the USA:
    Leap Wireless International Inc.
    5887 Copely Drive
    San Diego, California 92111
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-858-882-2600
    Corporate Fax Number: 1-858-882-6010
    Corporate Email:
    Here is their Executive Officers:
    Stewart Douglas Hutcheson 87 Relationships Chief Executive Officer, President, Interim Chief Financial Officer and Director 56
    David B. Davis No Relationships Senior Vice President of Operations 46
    William Ingram No Relationships Senior Vice President of Financial Operations & Strategy 54
    Robert J. Irving Jr. 7 Relationships Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary and Director 56
    Albin F. Moschner 41 Relationships Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Vice President, Consultant

  2. Morse Gyros was letting bangers charge their cell phones there until we let the owner know about the situation.


  3. Uptown is a reality of Russian Roulette

  4. Ive been to this cricket store several times and the last time I did go there was a young punk on his phone talking about selling drugs he needs his money very obnoxious one of the employees TRIED to kick him out and all he did was call her bitch a hoe I make more money standing on the corner and also threatin her... Everytime I go there its nothing but women Its obviously a horrible neighborhood nothing but gangbangers and crackheads and they also hang out on every other corner somebody should call corporate for those girls and hire some damn security for those poor girls or 24hour police service because this is not the 1st shooting and its defniatly not going to be the last these people obviously dont care!

  5. "He is described as a 17 to 22-year-old black male with a white t-shirt. That's not going to help much."

    Ha! So true..

  6. These shootings are very predictable. Every time I walk from Sheridan Rd. to the Red Line station on Argyle I pass drug deals, people urinating in the alley and a general atmosphere of neglect. I am most concerned for the school children who must walk through this on their way to school.

    Where are the police patrols that were promised?

  7. The sad thing is summers just starting. This is getting out of control. They need to bring in resources from other Districts.


  8. Please be aware that resources aren't coming to the 19th. In fact, resources from the 19th are going to other districts. There is no money to pay to bring on more officers and overtime money is running out.

    Get ready for a bloody summer. This is exactly what the mayor said he was going to do, and our alderman voted for this budget. There is very little that can be done.

  9. Original Post: "Around 3:25pm today, many readers, and we at UU, heard 15-20 shots ring out. So many that we tried to convince ourselves that it was a Red Line train, because there was so much noise it couldn't be shots, right?"
    You captured the exact emotion and thought process that I also experienced at the time I kept thinkng no way that could be shooting that rapid and that many. But the horror of the sound of bullets being sprayed out side your home is one like no other and not easily forgotten. You know everyone bitches about the Lawrence HOuse (and it is deserved at times) but they have 2 off duty chicago police officers working security in lobby and out front from early evening until at least past midnight. Undertaking this expense, clearly exhibits that management is trying to be a good neighbor. However, the strip mall, the site of today's violence, remains a constant hangout for gangbangers. Perhaps pressure from the Alderman and community could convince the mall owner and store owners to hire evening security. Lastly, the pantry on the southeast corner of that intersection is definitely welcoming to gangbangers. Although, the young guys working there are nice enough, every time I go there, there is a gangbanger hanging out inside the store.

  10. Ugh. I've had enough. Nothing is changing, crime is uncontrollable, now instead of looking forward to summer by the lake, we fear it. It's getting harder and harder not to "profile". I'm having a baby in July and the thought of taking her for walks in my uptown neighborhood isn't even an option. Get me outta here.

  11. Edgerz, I was also thinking the same thing about the owners of the storefronts at Weiss Plaza. Some of them have signs in their windows saying they call police. Did anyone of them see events developing in their parking lot before the actual shooting that they could have called for? What about security cameras? I'm wondering if any of the storefronts were able to capture an image of the one that got away.

  12. FYI... Spotted this comment, pertinent to Uptown and this shooting, on the Second City Cop Police blog. I'm re-posting it here just as an example of others' thoughts of our neighborhood...

    Anonymous said...
    No Cop Here - Was apartment hunting with one of those agencies on the North Side so we could be close to the wife's work. Told the agent absolutely no to uptown as we are aware of the highly concentrated population of those in poverty, ill, in a gang, crack addicted, etc. He tried to sell us on the ongoing gentrification and "entertainment district" future. We just passed the scene of the shooting moments before it occurred and then asked to be taken back to the office so we could search on our own terms. When we were in the car we laughed and how torn we were 24hrs earlier in the car on the way in to the city about renting vs. buying given the prices and mortgage rates. After all that we experienced in a matter of an hour we really don't plan on staying much longer then a year since we are going to have kids and we refuse to compromise on their safety and well being.

    Long story short I missed my hometown terribly despite my gut instinct that the negatives outweighed the positives and that is why I accepted this transfer. If it wasn't for the harsh financial penalties of breaching my contract we would change our mind and back out. Should have known better but the silver lining is that it is a twelve month position and then I have the opportunity to go back to my adopted home where my future kids can ride bikes without fear of catching a stray piece of lead.

    On the bright side both my wife and myself were in awe of how quickly and completely CPD responded to the scene. As much as I hate what my hometown has become I was proud to see the bravery of the men and women who form the backbone of the city. Thank you for what you all do every day and every night.

  13. This is just all around terrible. The degree of extreme violence followed by a pathetic response of 'one suspect in custody' and seeking another '17 to 22-year-old black male with a white t-shirt.'

    Sadly this is far beyond the Alderman's email blasts and community meetings; or the CAPS get togethers; or positive loitering's; etc. Simply, the resources to meet the crime/violence demands up Uptown as of late are not present.

    It would be nice to have a group (alderman, ward police, etc) to blame or ask more of...but unfortunately their current efforts are not cutting it, or more likely, they don't have the ability to combat the spike in activity. The recent frequency, time of day and extent to which the incidents have occurred as of late (15-20 shots?!), only leave me to look forward to a long and bloody summer.

    While this intersection is no stranger to activity, it's still a major thoroughfare and used by many (ie not as actively avoided as some other corridors which reek of avoidance and bad news). I genuinely feel for those in the immediate vicinity, those nearby with children, etc. The history and recent response to these incidents shows that this problem is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  14. MsMaggie32- please keep that sentiment in your mind when you vote for mayor next time. Our current mayor insists that crime is down and the problem is not with the gang bangers, but with your perception of crime. You're the problem, according to our mayor.

  15. If you want to see who the real drug dealers are please watch this documentary. American Drug War:


  17. We are leaving in mid-July. We've had enough as well. There is too much on our plate to worry about fighting the good fight. It's much easier and safer to find a place that is more suitable where we don't have to worry about the violence outside our front door. It's sad, but it's true. This neighborhood is not going to get better any time soon. There are too many laws in place to prevent swift change. So, we're doing the one thing we can control: we're moving away from the violence.

    I fear for my 20 month old's life constantly. There was a time where I was optimistic about the future of Uptown. I no longer am. And to those of you who believe that it's going to get better: enjoy the upcoming bloody summer, or do as we are doing and write off this god-forsaken neighborhood.

  18. They need to tear down J.J. Peppers and that entire plaza! That's their hangout spot. All the police do is tell them to disperse and 5 minutes later they're back. While they're at it they should tear down all the high rises! 4848 n. Winthrop and 920 w. Lakeside are the main buildings harboring all the gangbangers. Fine the landlords for renting to gangbangers and their families! I realize it's easier said than done. But I'm tired of this nonsense! I've lived in Uptown my entire life and I refuse to be scared to walk down my own street! We've got to get together as a community and show them who's boss! We can't let these low life, nonworking, good for nothing gangbangers control our neighborhood!

    1. Ummm sorry 4848 has come a long way I have been living there for 26years and u came out just fine. I'm not scared to stand in from 4848 beacuse they do not be around there u might be right about jj's but not 4848.

  19. Re: murders down 34% - please make sure you look at the data.

    2012 was an outlier. The murder rate isn't so much down as it is just returning to "normal".

    Homicides are trending up from 2011 data.

    It's shameful that the mayor is calling this a massive reduction in crime. A freshman in a college statistics course could do a better job of explaining this data.

  20. I don't begrudge anyone who leaves Uptown because they can't handle the violence. Everyone has different circumstances and different tolerance levels.

    If you have kids or are the type to be constantly in fear walking the streets then moving is a reasonable and viable choice.

    I've been here goin' on nigh 30 years and I have yet to directly encounter gunfire. I've heard gunfire in the hood, I've had neighbors see the gunplay, but I've never encountered it. I'm out and about biking and walking nearly every day.

    Then again my area of Uptown is relatively gunfire free.

    If you live in Buena Park gunfire is rare.

    If you live north of Lawrence, with the BIG exception of Lawrence/Broadway, gunfire is rare.

    If you live on Beacon or Dover...
    U see where I'm going with this? Plus we have some of the prettiest six flats in the city on Beacon and Dover. Too bad I'm not as pretty.

    Probably 80 percent of the gang gunfire in Uptown occurs in a handful of locations.


    Montrose to Wilson. West of the tracks east of Beacon.


    Montrose to Wilson around Sheridan.

    I do begrudge people who makes comments like this:

    "And to those of you who believe that it's going to get better: enjoy the upcoming bloody summer, or do as we are doing and write off this god-forsaken neighborhood."

    Don't let the door hit you on your Swiss chocolate eating ass.

    You're unworthy of a hyperlink so I will leave you with a great line regarding the Swiss from "The Third Man"

  21. While I am as dismayed as everyone writing about these recent events, I refuse to give up hope and feel we not only can, but must unite to fight this upsurge in violence and I believe that we can make a difference. I have lived here for 25 years and it was really bad then when we moved in. There were stabbings, drug dealing, prostitution and the rest of it. everywhere on wilson and the side streets. The difference of course now is the weapons being used are horrific. However we were able to mobilize our neighborhood groups and work with the Aldermen, schools, and other organizations and to make changes, and we must try again. when I moved in no one even grew anything in the front yards. Things had been steadily getting much better around here for some time and so this is to me, in some ways, a backlash against the gang's loss of territory. I also have spoken with young people who are not in gnags but who know what's going on and they concur. Last summer things spiked after Broadway was developed with Target etc, and the gangs get squeezed into smaller spaces. We need to keep up the pressure on this situation. Believe me I am not sleeping well lately either and my daughter just moved back in the area too, so I fear for all of us getting caught in something. Still we must do everything we can to demand action and act together. Strength in numbers is the only way. Keep sharing all information. Go to the meetings. Talk to your neighbors in person. Talk to the store owners. Be visible and of course smart and aware in public, but retreating if you live here is not a solution.

  22. I meant Lawrence/Sheridan for the frequent gunfire.

    I apologize for the error.

    Now if you will excuse me I need a bag of concrete and I'm going to Ace Hardware to get it. Imagonna take my dolly and head over there.

    If necessary I'll use the concrete as a shield in case of a breakout of any wanton gunfire.

  23. Oh no! No hyperlink?! What will I ever do?!?!

    And begrudge me all you like, Irish. I'll take your name-calling and personal attacks as evidence of your own inability to form a valid argument and/or your inability to discuss points civilly without stooping to playground banter.

  24. Thppppppt!



    Unmarked police car parked on Sheridan just north of Lawrence.

  25. Pirate, I would add Magnolia
    and Wilson to the list. The thugs linger around the mall & outside the liquor store.

  26. I'm in a terrible spot on Sheridan temporarily, and at 10am the day of this shooting I was waiting for UPS on our front porch.
    A group of men, 30-50ish started having a loud conversation, stopping in front of Royal Laundry, shouting, and it ended with a 50 year old man running down the street towards Wilson like a little girl with the other men screaming taunts at him, specifically accusing him of being a wussy (well, substitute W for another letter).
    I don't know if it had anything to do with the shooting but I see this crap constantly, luckily I am only in a month to month situation and I can find a way to leave it. Constantly see this crap. I take my laundry up the street to the strip mall on Broadway because I'm constantly hassled at Royal Laundry .

  27. Bronco Billy: u hit it right on the head about the mayor and i don't forget his joke of yes man, the chief of police!!! Last year was infuriating ever Mon when the weekend violence totals were shocking...those two would claim to be devising new plans and just reworded the same old plan. Then the claim that the problem was the perception of crime not crime. And it is laughable the way they both throw out stats... it is offensive that they think so little of the people they represent.

  28. I'd appreciate it, for whomever this applies, if you all would stop saying "my" or "our" neighborhood. Whether you own or rent in Uptown... it isn't just yours. If you own, you own a home. Not a community. If you rent. You rent a home, not a community. I understand your ideas for community are such that they only include the like-class, but you're far from facing the true reality of the circumstances in Uptown. I find it sad that I have to use true in combination with reality, however it's necessary as a lot of you who read and post here have no real grip (physically or mentally) on what actually happens. More importantly you have no real knowledge as to why it happens nor do you have any real solutions. Are we all aware of the differences between problems and issues? Cool. Gang-bangers? Problem. Violence? Issue. Have we got it? Tearing down the Lakeside building and 4848 N. Winthrop (where I grew up) isn't an acceptable response to the shootings. That sounds as if it were a suggestion made by a person who has been dehumanized. There are way more immigrant families and low-income families not "harboring" gang members than there are families in which gang members belong. Why dislocate these working families because you, one person (individually [alone]) don't feel safe? Sure, if we compiled all the comments here from those who don't feel safe... there's a small army of you. Granted, everyone is entitled to safety. Has it been taken? What have you done other than post or complain? What have you done other than ridicule and "profile" or judge? Better question... if the gang life was the only life you knew, what would you do if your brother of a friend was shot in the head? You'd shoot back? Of course not, because you don't know what's really happening. Ah, the aforementioned. You have no real grip here. There is a cycle. I've said this before. There clearly is a cycle. No one wants to stop the cycle. Everyone wants to harass the cycle, though. Pointing fingers identifies the surface of a problem. Underneath there is an issue untouched. These people are hurting. Everyday. Violence is a response. Anger is a secondary emotion. You have to be hurt first. You have to be hurt to hate, even if the hate stemming from the hurt is internalized. My people (those in which I represent) are hurting. They have been hurting, and will continue to hurt. Hence, the violence will continue. The problems will be poorly addressed and the issues will continue to grow. I do love Uptown. I love the people I grew up with. I have lost thirteen friends to gun violence and three years. I did community organizing, I've organized anti-violence rallies, I've written letters, I've marched and spoke here, recited a poem there, I've made songs for the fallen. Now, at this next funeral, I am faced with the task of reading a poem for a young man that I went to high school with. A young man who had a son by a young lady who I considered a sister. The retaliation that you witnessed Monday? Guess what? It hurts me more. Why? There are a lot of people similar to me, in the middle. Having never joined gang, I am and was able to befriend a lot of the people involved. Helping where I could. Staying away when told. I'm watching friends and associates die and be hurt on both sides. I understand that some of you have children on the way. There are expecting mothers in these "hoods" as well. There are mothers who are losing their sons and daughters regularly.

  29. (part II)

    I know you're afraid! You should ask us if we're afraid too! I'm terrified to turn on the news or open a paper and see how many have died just yesterday. I'm afraid to see a name I know, or a face that belongs to a hand I've shaken or played football and basketball with. Please stop helping yourselves. Stop serving yourselves. There is no real change happening because no one is doing anything about anything other than typing a comment. By no one, I mean not enough people. I'm no history buff or major, but for the most part... major revolutions happen when the middle-class gets involved. Posting a comment isn't involved. Placing blame isn't involved. You do not know the process in which a human being becomes a gang member or a drug dealer. You have to know there are roots somewhere down there. Please stop perpetuating hate, and stereotype. Please stop perpetuating segregation, classism, and prejudice. If you want a safer neighborhood, help it become safer. Don't rely on systems that aren't functioning fast enough. Actions are a heart's words. If you are doing nothing, then your heart has nothing to say. You, then, should have nothing to say.

  30. I'd rather risk a stray bullet now-and-then in Uptown, than live in whitebread Lakeview, or among the hipsters in Wicker Park. God, I hate hipsters.

  31. I just had to weight in on Irish Pirate's comments about Buena Park being a safe harbor in Uptown. Gang activity and related gun violence happens all over Uptown including Buena Park. I personally witnessed a shooting on the corner of Broadway & Cuyler. In fact I was almost caught in the crossfire. It's a problem for all of us and we all need to participate in the process of finding solutions.

  32. After yesterday's shooting, multiple sets of police of bikes were deployed all around the area to allegedly scout the at large suspect. As an uptown resident, one may find comfort in such a concentrated I initially did. That was until, I found myself getting harassed by one of the female police officers assigned to the region. I left my house around 5:30 headed to a nightly grad school course as normal..pulled out of my alley and was stopped at the light at Lawrence and marine. While stopped I entered the address of a classmate I was giving a ride into my gps and heard "hey you! Yeah you! Pull over..." shocked and slightly confused I hesitated only to hear "I said fucking pullover, are you ignorant? Listen to me and drive your car right here! I said pull right here!" Now even more shocked and completely astonished by the way I was being spoken to, I complied and pulled my car to location I was being beckoned. After all, i am a white 25yr old female without any sort of record/previous arrest being stopped a block down from the location where nearly 25 gunshots just littered the needless to say, I was not expecting what was about to come. Once there, literally the first two sentences out of the officers mouth were "I don't want to hear your fucking sob story, so don't even start" at this point I have not said anything and has began to cry from the mere disbelief. Next thing said by the officer was the request to see my license and insurance...I handed her both and realized the ins card I had expired last month. This then preempted the officer's response of "you don't have your insurance card? Oh you're fucked". From there came a serious of cursing and name calling infused with threats of all of the tickets I was going to be issued. Mind you, I still have said nothing except asking why I was stopped (which the officer would not answer). I began trying to record the instance on my cell phone as I feared what was going to happen next. This prompted more teasing and harassing from the female multiple point throughout the situation it got so bad, the other officer (who was there the entire time but not involved in the harassment) actually stepped in front of her to try and calm the situation and diffuse her abusive language, which worked temporarily but not nearly enough. The situation lasted about 45 min. I finally was told I was stopped for being on my cell phone without a hands free devise. When they finally had written all of the tickets and began to hand them to me, the female officer pulled out her personal mobile phone and began recording video footage of me crying while signing the tickets she had issued while tauntingly stating "you're not the only one that can record video. Look at you, you are pathetic. Are you going to calm down or do I need to make you?" I took the tickets, held my tongue and tried to be as compliant as possible just to get away before anymore "damage" could be "construed" as I knew this was obviously a battle I was not going to win. Before leaving I asked the officers for their name and badge number and was told they could be found on the tickets I issued. Before leaving I made a snarky comment about the shooting that had just occurred and their obvious involvement which was not being fulfilled but rather diverted into a time filling, pissing contest of an alpha dog cop out to prove a point. I am completely shocked and in complete disbelief. I teach high school on the south side and have listen to testimonies of my students who have been blind-sightedly stopped, searched, and harassed by cops when simply walking down the street. But it is only now, that I am able to empathize the situation.

  33. . I cannot believe the abuse of power that was enacted upon me yesterday, particularly given the circumstances of the afternoons events. With this, I am now very very hesitant to support the deployment of additional law enforcement to curb gang activity, as this sort of misdirection become much more probable for law abiding citizens, while the professional criminals will simply evade the patrolled grounds and evolve accordingly to engage in illegal activity anyway. To me, extra police will just spread the geographics of the crime...while the law-abiding citizens become the target of heckling. Fuck cpd they do not help shit. In fact they are a large part of enabling targeted crime that those of us trying to make it in the city fall victim to. Fed up with Chicago and the crooked politics that have been oppressing minorities for over 100yrs. While I still do not have their names, their badge numbers are 7259 and 6371. I am not sure which number is the female officers, but I urge you to avoid encounters with this human at all possible costs. She is not an officer in the 20th district but fear she may return if the gang turf war continues. She has short blond hair, stockier build, probably in her early 40s. BEWARE MY FELLOW NEIGHBORS, SHE IS NOT INTERESTED IN MAKING UPTOWN A SAFER PLACE FOR US OR OUR CHILDREN!

  34. Daniel,

    when gang violence happens in Buena Park it's generally right at Cuyler and Broadway.

    Yes, I recall a shooting on 4300 Clarendon over the winter, but that was the exception. I'm not even sure if that shooting was directly gang related. The shootings tend to blend together in my caffeine addled brain over time.

    There's actually an easy solution to the problem on Cuyler. The two buildings on the north and south corners of Cuyler and Broadway are infested with bangers. Have been at least since the early 80's.

    Those two buildings remind me of the Uptown of the 80's or before with run down buildings being milked by slumlords. From outside appearances little renovation or maintenance is done in those two jewels of south Buena Park.

    It's time to convince the owner that renovating or selling the property is a good solution for him and the neighborhood.

    Some offshoot off one of the larger Latin gangs hang out there. Cuyler boys, Adidas boys or something like that.

    Adidas boys! Stupid friggin gang name. Right up there with the Gangster Transvestites and the Insane Wombat Porcupine Platypus Killer Clown Combine.

    In any case getting a private landlord to clean up his act, while difficult, is a whole lot easier than trying to deal with the various CHA or subsidized properties that are infested with gang activity.

    At least private landlords have the option of selling and making a nice profit in an improving real estate market.

  35. the violence has to stop. we really need a new alderman who will do something about this

  36. Amber,

    If you truly have video of this interaction, I highly recommend going to a lawyer to see if there is any recourse you can take. If there isn't, I recommend going to the media. This sort of thing should not be tolerated.

  37. I am a law enforcement officer and I find all this a bit overblown.

    People are going crazy over a few gang bangers shot in recent days--these fearmongers act as if we are kneedeep in the Syrian revolution.

    Shootings are not uncommon in big cities and if they scare you that much you should definitely move somewhere "safer." I suggest Tucson.

    And Amber: you should go to your local watch commander and inform him/her of what happened. If he/she refuses to act then take it up with your alderman.

  38. So any word on whether or not Blue's Clues caught our uniquely identifiable "17 to 22-year-old black male with a white t-shirt"?

    A neighbor of mine in my building contacted the Alderman asking why he had no response compared to last year when he was "on it," and seemingly showing a bit more piss and vinegar after these such incidents. The response forwarded on to me via Cappleman was "If you have any questions about how I address crime, feel free to view the 46th Ward Master Plan." (neighbor's contact was fueled by Cappleman's usually daily tweets, sitting idle by this incident, and last having mentioned the nice concert he was attending a few days earlier).

    I don't blame Mr. Cappleman, it's just frustrating. And like I wrote earlier, this is indeed far beyond the scope of the Alderman's abilities/resources. In my head I'm just going to chalk up the police/alderman 'no news' as a strategy which will be revealed shortly as an Operation Sugar Magnolia Part II!

  39. Amber--I don't blame you for crying, I most certainly would have as well--I'm so sorry you went through that, just heinous.

    I recommend that you use every single outlet available to get this story out--especially the media. I follow pretty much every reporter from ABC7 news on Twitter and have found them very responsive when I bring things to their attention so maybe try them? And most certainly talk to Alderman Cappleman as well.

    Seriously--Every. Single. Outlet. Available.

  40. I have tried contacting CPD headquarters for the last 3 days to obtain the names of the officers involved with no avail. I plan on visiting the station tomorrow afternoon. I am hesitant to pursue the issue too invasively in fear of future encounters with this individual.

    Also, yes gang violence and shootings occur in all major cities...but Chicago is set apart in that, the concentration of violence-specifically shootings-in specific geographic locations far surpasses what "statistics" might illustrate as "normal" rates. With this said, this actually further perpetuates my hostility around my encounter with the police on Monday.

    Like many other users on UU forums often mention, I too can personally point out multiple drug dealers, transactions, gang members, crack head parents, drug dealer parents (w/ children in attendance), theft from local businesses, etc etc etc....and where are the POLICE? If the police were properly functioning, these humans would not be existing as they currently do...they would be in jail! Instead, we are locking up people for personally, but not externally, intrusive crimes such as traffic warrants, minor marijauna offenses, etc The demographic being targeted for minor offenses is obvious (minor offenses being traffic violations, noise complaints, parking/city ordinance violations for the everyday law abiding citizen BUT for the professional criminal, one might liberally consider small drug deals, minor assaults, unarmed robbery, etc as such). It is obvious that THEY ARE TARGETING THE HUMANS THAT WILL PAY THE FINE! Im not saying that CPD doesn't take gang crime seriously, because I have witnessed it, but I do think the main focus is major weapon or high quantity busts..often letting the smaller, street made, transactions fall under radar. Unfortunately, but obviously, it is the street activity that is putting innocent people at most risk..not necessarily because of the transactions on the streets, but because of the areas by which these foot soldiers choose to reside during their "working" hours. Aside from territory disputes, larger transactions gone bad elsewhere, often elicit a consequence that is going to take place on the streets. So why? Why aren't the police more actively involved in dispersing street activity. As i have personally witnessed, more cops does not mean more action aimed at "actual" criminals. So what is the answer? Is there one or do you just throw in the cards and move??

    My first week living in Chicago, my mother, daughter, and I were attending a neighborhood block festival. It was really music, positive people, local business & resident vendors, and more. About an hour after arriving, my family and were talking with one of the vendors when multiple police cars entered the area..targeting a group of young (18-30 yr olds) black males standing around a car with music playing. From an eye witness perspective, I had not noticed any harm and illegal conduct being committed by the group in the hour we had been in attendance. However, when the police were noticed, the group of young men started to diffuse the opposite direction. Very quickly the police pulled up, exited their cars with guns drawn, and retained the group except for one individual who had crossed the street. The individual they were still attempting to detain, surrendered with his hands up about 2 feet away from my family and I. With this, the officer was within about 10 ft from the individual gun still drawn screaming that he will fucking kill him if he tries to run (with a few racial slurs to accompany his statements)...this may be protocol, who knows what this individual was or was not guilty of, but one thing i do know is that my 5 year old daughter was frozen in fright stuck between the cop and alleged perp.

  41. (part II of my super long rant :))

    Given the almost immediate compliance of the young man, I do think that this was slightly overdone. What if the suspect would have had a weapon and had chosen to use it? Or what if he decided to grab my daughter as a hostage shield to evade his arrest? Regardless of the severity of the “seize”, the procedural choices made by the officers involved seemed, incredibly naïve, but more so entirely inconsiderate of the immediate safety of the multiple bystanders…and rather appeared as if it was driven by rage rather than thoughtful analytics. We found out later in the evening someone in attendance had called the police on the group reporting “suspected gang activity”. I’m not here to critique the motif for the call, nor the guilt of the suspects, but I do find it alarming that so quickly my five year old daughter fell into harms way at what seemed to be a perfectly safe and celebratory environment. Needless to say, everyone left that evening unharmed, and nicely introduced to city we now call home. Not to mention, the incident became great fuel for my mothers argument of why I should have never left the safe and sheltered comfort of our small southern illinois town to embark on life in a big violent city.

    Regardless, my two major encounters with police in one my year of residency have proven a rather grim perception of those employed to protect us. Perhaps lady cop was intimidated by "real" encounters (which i find doubtful if your working in cpd), perhaps she was proving a point to her less experienced accompaniment...I've have tried to form some sort of reasonable justification for her actions, but I honestly have no idea what would prompt such behavior. Perhaps the gang member was highly wanted suspect, or dangerous criminal who warranted such drastic measures? Who knows?…but that does not compensate for the risks assumed by living here…from both criminals and law enforcement alike. As a white female, I do feel incredibly privileged to not be the target victim of such occurrences, and as I mentioned in a previous post…I truly do empathize for the humans that do….particularly the young minority males in chicago. These kids step out of the door with the world already assuming they are doing something wrong and I understand why some of these young men get swept under the arm of crime as a result (among various other reasons). Perhaps that is were we should turn our focus if we want to eliminate crime? Embrace and educate our youth instead of trying to control them with invasive control. Become authoritative rather than authoritarian! Much easier said than done…but definitely food worth some thought!

    To jump off of my teacher “save the world” pedestal and lightly venture into a lens of suspicion....One might also consider the fact that Chicago is not necessarily known for its honest or ethical political offs have been occurring since the origination of gangs in Chicago. And with this, what is happening in this city- to our youth and to you and to me-should be completely expected provided the circumstances.

    How can you expect to produce a functioning community under an ill functioning infrastructure....

  42. One last thing....

    I want to thank everyone for you support and follow up suggestions!! It truly means a lot and you have given us some much needed hope!! We are new to this city, but we are very passionate about it attaining a just and productive stature to for ourselves, future residents, and most importantly the children being raised here! Thanks again!! I will update on our progress in dealing with the incident.

    Best Regards!

  43. I think its absolutely hilarious that my friend Frankiem Mitchel just gave you a look into the issues that you all know "so much about", yet had you had more to say about a white woman getting pulled over then coming up with suggestions to the issues he just presented to you. Unbelievable.

    "After all, i am a white 25yr old female without any sort of record/previous arrest being stopped a block down from the location where nearly 25 gunshots just littered the needless to say, I was not expecting what was about to come."

    Hey Amber!! Wake up! I wonder if this will get them to stop harassing me because I'm a 22 year old African American woman with no trouble with the law yet I get harassed on a weekly basis just by walking home from work after midnight. Re examine your morals. Little do you know you just unveiled the underlying racism behind your comments. I'm sorry you had to go through what my brothers and sisters go through everyday, because theyre black they must be gang bangers, because theyre outside after midnight they must be drug dealers, because he has on a white tshirt he must be a shooter. The CPD don't do shit. Protect and serve? How do you think so many guns are winding up in the wrong hands? They arent being escorted over here from Baghdad, theyre being handed over by your loyal CPD.

    Give me a break. You want them to stop shooting? Offer them a job! Or wait because theyre black they must not want to work either. Theyd rather sell drugs huh? Re-read frankiems comment, understand it, then come back with solutions. Not 1,001 solutions to being pulled over and harassed! We go through it everyday, what makes you think your so different?

  44. Amber, this all sounds like made up garbage.

    If you had video, it would have been posted and we'd have a link to it.

    I call BS.

  45. Amber,

    do you have audio or video of this encounter? If you do post it on youtube and give us a link.

    Frankly, your story and writing style doesn't pass my initial IrishPirate smell test.

    Is it possible the general outline of your story is true? Certainly, there are more than a few idiots employed as cops.

    My first encounter with such an idiot was back in the 70's or early 80's. I was traveling down the Dan Ryan expressway at a high rate of speed and a Chicago cop with an Irish name and accent tried to shake me down for a bribe. I took the ticket and went to court downtown. I probably should have reported him, but I was a teenager and didn't. Anyway his word against mine. Hence the beauty of audio and video today.

    I think on duty cops should be required to wear cameras/audio recording devices on their uniform. It would make for better police conduct and better conduct from the citizens they interact with.

    Do you have a ticket you could scan and post here with appropriate sections blacked out?

    Inquiring pirates want to know.

    Now your writing style and purported occupation scream "social justice education" blah blah freaky blah.

    Are you one of the near 100 percent of Uplift high school graduates who go on to college?

    Plus the timing is a bit suspect and a quick google search leads me to believe you've never posted here before. However, amazingly and with exquisite timing you post in a topic regarding a gang shooting and try to change the discussion from the bangers and their bullets to the bad bad police.

    Perhaps I'm wrong and if I am I'll admit it, but right now methinks something stinks in the State of this topic on UU.

    That stinky's you Amber and all Uptown waits to see if you can put up or shut up.

    The Uptown Upside is that if you're right and can prove it you will have humiliated me, The IrishPirate. Thousands or at least a dozen or so people will take great joy in that.

    To humiliate me will bring great joy to the legion of people who don't appreciate my presence in Uptown or this site.

    To them I can only say to quote my now four year old niece Lucretia McEvil:


  46. Uptown J is right on the money with his comment. If you cannot find help the usual ways then you have to become resourceful.

    Amber the truth is that CPD just does not have the resources to arrest every possible criminal. Moreover, they often concentrate more on the higher level offenders. Low level drug dealers will probably get off on probation even after multiple arrests.

    As for the scenario you've described involving the street fest and CPD--I have to say that naivete is a two-way street.

    Do you honestly expect CPD to go after (most likely armed) possible gang bangers with a diplomatic approach? I am sorry for your child but these are the realities of big-city living (and life in general).

    Honestly when you're on the street you cannot afford to be kind or gentle because that mindset only gets people--innocent civilians or your partners--killed.

  47. Would like to see a regular beat cop on the corner of Sheridan and Lawrence. Say from 3 pm to 9 pm???? Not one that sits in their vehicle.

    Also, isn't time that the greasy S&L pantry store on the south east corner of Sheridan and Lawrence take down the dirty sheets hanging in the window?

  48. Yes, up in arms over gunshots in Uptown when the West and Southside are exceeding murder rates and violence. Solving all the years of hurt and pain suffered by previous poster is something that is utopian. People with information of those violent criminals may have to stand up themselves and help end the cycle by turning over criminals. The general public doesn't know who these people are. I am sympathetic to all involved. I realize the problem is deep and has run over decades. No one should have to live in fear. Pirate, you post your opinion. Not the opinion of everyone. You also don't represent everyone. Whether you are a fictitious individual or the real bad, drunken, prostitute chasing man you pride yourself to be, perhaps you should use some of the education you have to realize the position of other people. Not everyone can be as free with their lives and have responsibility of young children. Why you would pride yourself on the things that you do just undermine anything intelligent you have to say. Good luck Uptown!

  49. Daoiu,

    Is that you, Helen? Gawd, I hope so.

    The writing style seems vaguely familiar.

    Long, rambling, almost a run on sentence.

    Lack of punk u aton and the ability to hit the enter key for paragraphing.

    It almost reminds me of this blast from the past.

    Now I'm having a hard time deciphering what you were trying to say. I'll try to break it down for the class.

    1. Violence on the south and west sides is worse so WTF are you complaining about yuppie bitches.

    2. Violence bad. We need to work together and turn in the criminals.

    3. Pirate bad. Fire bad. AAAGH. Are you fictious or is a computer program sponsored by the ghost of Muammar Gaddafi, NASA, and the NSA typing for you. Use your education for the public good. Stop being a jack ass.

    Really whoever posted that the "enter" key is your friend.

    It's amazing how much easier it is to follow some comment when there are breaks between paragraphs.

    As for me I'm unfortunately very real. My persona on the other hand is just for dramatic effect. I'm not Irish and I don't particularly like the water.

    I barely even live in Uptown at the moment. Depending on how the ward remap shakes out in court I may end in the 47th Ward. I'm sure Alderman Pawal is thrilled about that possibility!

    That would put me in the same ward as Rahmbo. I walk by his house frequently. If I thought he would win reelection I would buy a house down the street from him. Excellent police protection on that block.

    I'd love to have a heavy weapons team at my disposal. Ain't nuthin scarier to gangbangers than khaki clad cops with automatic weapons running towards them.

  50. Thank you for the critique. Much appreciated.
    Definitely not Helen. I was addressing earlier posts regarding the circle of violence and how one young man lost so many friends due to gun violence. He and his friends need to aid the community by taking a risk and turn the guilty parties over to the police.
    (Return just for you) Violence, whether it be Uptown or Southside, is unacceptable. I don't believe anyone in Uptown expressing concern over violence is a "yuppie bitch". I understand the concerns of the mother afraid to walk her baby in the neighborhood.
    As far as references to you personally, I've read your posts for a long time. Give people a break. But, who am I to give you advice. This blog is a place for discussion and expression. It's not an essay contest.