Sunday, June 9, 2013

Friends Of Hull House Rally To Save Theater

Friends of Hull House have a petition drive to save the theater they presently occupy at the former Hull House on Beacon.  Now, personally, we'd like to see the building redeveloped into the residential property that it was originally, rather than sitting mostly empty.

We're also big fans of Pegasus Players and we'd very much like to see them stay in Uptown, possibly at an even more historic venue, such as the Preston Bradley Center.

But it's their current home, and we understand that they'd like to stay there.  So if you'd like to sign the petition, here's their plea:
"Friends of Hull House Rally to Save Historic Theatre.  We are sorry to send this short notice, but the Uptown Center Leo Lerner Theatre needs your help.  The current home of Pegasus Players, the historic theatre has been the home of the original Organic Theatre, St. Nicholas Theatre, Zebra Crossing, Black Ensemble, and launched the careers of such artists as David Mamet, Joe Mantegna, William H. Macy, Dennis Franz, Stuart Gordon, Meshach Taylor, Chester Gregory and more!

As you may recall, the Hull House Association -- owners of the building -- went out of business in February 2012.  A year later, the building has been sold to a private developer who plans to turn the building into market rate apartments.

We need your voice, NOW.  Please sign the petition to save the historic building so it can be redeveloped as a cultural center and landmarked!"

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  1. That building is ugly and it needs to be torn down. There are plenty of underutilized theater spaces in and around Uptown that can be used by winged horse players.

    The sense of history that many Americans have amuses me.


    It reminds me of when the Zephyr Ice Cream Shop and Restaurant closed in 2006. I happened to be in there shortly before it closed with my 2nd or 3rd wife, I forget which, and another customer engaged me in conversation about the history of the restaurant. It opened in 1976 and he lamented the loss of "history" with its passing.

    Thirty freakin' years.

    I have boots older than that.

    As for the Hull House building as the Irish are wont to say "Sayonara, ugly architecture!"