Friday, June 28, 2013

Cycle's Over For Uptown Recycling Center

Changes ahead for the Resource/Recycling Center at 4714-16 N Sheridan.  Not only does the big sign say it will be closed on July 20th, but the typed sign says "Uptown Drop-Off Recycling Facility is permanently closing.  The last day for drop-off at this location is 6/28/13.  No recycling materials will be accepted after this date."

From what we can tell from property records, the center became bank-owned last autumn, and was turned over to the management of the FDIC as receiver this past March.  We would imagine it's for sale (unless the FDIC does land-banking), but have no definite information.


  1. Really curious to see what happens with this lot.

  2. Hmm....I didn't know it was a real recycle center. Was it always operating? I never saw anybody there.