Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aster Playlot To Get An Extreme Makeover

From the most recent Chase Park Advisory Council newsletter:
"CPAC is excited to announce that Aster Playlot, one of Chase Park's satellite playlots, has been selected by Friends of the Parks and the Chicago Park District for the Chicago Plays! Playground Renovation Program. Aster will be one of the first playgrounds to be built in the first year of the Chicago Plays! program.

CPAC and Chase Park will be working with Friends of the Parks and the Chicago Park District over the coming months to determine construction dates and potential playground designs. The community will have the opportunity to select playground equipment based on the provided designs. We're thrilled to have been selected for this grant program and to see this new playground become a reality!"
Aster Playlot is located on the 4600 block of Kenmore and was one of only 35 playgrounds chosen for renovation this year (out of 500+ applications) thanks to the hard work of CPAC and local groups.  An example of how it might look after renovation is here.

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  1. That is fantastic news! And watching the dozens and dozens of children that use it daily from the Christopher House daycare, in addition to those in the neighborhood, you know it will be put to great use and appreciated!