Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SNL's Julia Sweeney To Appear At Paper Machete This Saturday

We've mentioned before that one of Uptown's hidden gems takes place every Saturday at the Green Mill at 3pm:  Paper Machete, a live current events magazine that its founder describes as "part spoken-word show, part vaudeville revue."  Free, weekly, and fun!

This Saturday, there's even more reason to attend:  Julia Sweeney, actress/author/comedian, will be the headliner in a Mother's Day Edition of the show.

Founder Christopher Piatt tells us:  "Julia Sweeney is headlining this Saturday's Paper Machete.  It should be a totally hot show; the lineup of non-famous talent is also excellent. And the show is still 100% FREE!"

If you haven't checked out the Machete before, this is a really good opportunity to see what's going on behind the green velvet drapes.


  1. Sounds kinda cool, I have no idea who she is because SNL is terrible and not funny. I might check it out.