Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Montrose & Greenview New Construction Nears Completion

Just over a year ago, construction started on a residential building in the weed-covered lot at Greenview and Montrose, which had been sitting empty for many years.  Now construction is substantially finished.  In our post of May 31, 2012, we said:
We're not thrilled that there won't be ground-floor retail on one of our main thoroughfares, but there are plenty of vacant storefronts in the area already.  We are excited about something being built there at long last.  Empty lots don't contribute to a healthy community, and let's face it, Chicago can use the real estate taxes.  It will be fun to take a look at the finished building and see how it compares to the artist's vision.
 So here's the comparison, the artist's rendering and the actual building:


  1. Wow, first Clark now Montrose gets more ugly. I guess in Montrose's case, it was an empty lot and before that a gas station, right?

  2. Agreed U.R.

    Some people only see housing as a way to make money and that is how the style and design is dictated. This looks like penitentiary style housing. Very Ugly. Very Boring.

    The thing with old bricks was there was a variegated NATURAL pattern on them. Solid boring colors equals solid boring look and ARTIFICIAL.

    What happened to the extra style with the beige blocks in the rendering. This looks worse than the the rendering by far.

    In short, no charm at all.

  3. a.) a nice building is more attractive than empty concrete lot.

    b.) maybe you two should pool your money together and build something architecturally charming with all sorts of character instead of pontificating about how others should spend their money regarding their construction business.

  4. I think this building has sold very well. It was obviously desirable/attractive to some people. While it's not the most interesting building I've ever seen, I wouldn't call it "ugly" and I think it is certainly better than an empty lot.

  5. Its not much to look at from the outside, but it was a beautiful space in the interior. Actually, we almost purchased a unit -- however, we thought that the $400k price-tag was a bit much for a condo in that area.

  6. @Ray LOL!! Well said sir.

  7. @Ray, didn't know that stating an opinion was so controversial.

    Agree with A. Disagree with B. Sure if I had all the money in the world I would stop this building from being built, but since I dont, I can still have an opinion about it.

    That's the problem with alot of new construction nowadays, beautiful on the inside, but a face only its mother could love. Better than a concrete lot is not a great complement.

  8. Phillip....I couldn't agree more. Can't stand how all new homes are cookie cutter on the outside. No charm They all look the same. This building is nothing special to look at, either. Disappointing. They could have done a little more something to it.

    Ray...relax. Nothing wrong with stating how one feels about the building and it's appearance. If the building is in his neighborhood, it'll be in his interest. Settle down.

  9. Ray, I'm with you too. So many negative people on here that would rather complain about what other people are doing instead of doing something themselves. Stop complaining and start supporting those that are improving the area, even if their improvements aren't exactly what you would like.

  10. Hey nothing wrong with this project and yes it does help improve the city.

    Also nothing wrong with having an opinion about it.

    Too many people want everyone to shut up if they dont share the same opinion. If you dont like someone's opinion just ignore it. Not liking something doesnt mean you are negative.

    How do these posters know that these people who hold these opinions which they dont agree with arent already out there doing positive stuff?

    They don't.

    This writer works on sign restoration. Not one to complain about, I just do it.

  11. I agree with Ray. I guess I'm just a little confused -- I never knew that people had such high expectations regarding the aesthetics of a condo building. As an Uptowner, I'm thrilled with anything occupying space that isn't a makeshift cardboard crack house. Ah, the joy of low expectations!

  12. Didn't know that people had such LOW expectations either.

    Nothing wrong with trying to raise the bar. The only way ANYTHING improves is with feedback.

    That's why the "negative" people with opinions have stated them.

    Not being "negative" to be "negative", just constructive criticism.

    Guess I find it confusing as well. Criticism is negative? Its not. Its just criticism.

  13. I think you're missing my point, Philip. I don't care if you like the building or don't like the building. I just get tired of people who gripe on this blog hoping for the world to change to something closer to their liking instead of going out and doing something about it. I'm against complaining for the sake of complaining. That's what bitching on a blog amounts to. (although I'm now guilty of doing the same by pointing this out)

  14. I'd say that a multi-unit condo building (with living, breathing, consuming adults) IS raising the bar over an empty lot, even if the building is admittedly unspectacular. And, I agree that there is nothing negative about criticism -- but I'd hazard a guess than never in the history of the interwebs has a comment in a blog sparked change. If you really want to change how condos in Uptown are built, become a developer.

  15. Kudos me thinks. UU, I have to disagree per your comment about 'no retail'. There are a fair amount of condo structures on Clark with 1st floor retail, and I have to say.....they look a bit grim.
    Also not getting Uptown Revivalist's comments......YES, this is an improvement over an empty lot. I.E. actual people occupying an area that hopefully have invested in the community.

  16. Roman and Williams,

    Dream Developer if I had millions of dollars. They build buildings the old fashioned way. Featured on Sunday Morning on CBS.


    Agreed Ray,

    Yes talking in the comments section isnt going to lead to revolution, but its not spitting in the wind either.