Friday, May 31, 2013

Maryville Development To Move Forward As Planned, NE Parcel To Return To Park District

UU Note:  The JDL plan is still moving forward as planned. The parcel on the NE corner of Montrose and Clarendon (outlined in the dotted line in the site plan below) will be returned to the park district per the Zoning Committee's vote. The info below pertains to the NE parcel at Montrose & Clarendon only.

via Abby Sullivan at Ald. Cappleman's office:
The Maryville Development Proposal (click to enlarge)
"At our April 22 meeting, the committee endorsed taking 30 days for further exploration of the potential preservation and adaptive reuse of the Cuneo hospital building at the Maryville site.
The for-profit model that was discussed for the first time at the April 22 meeting was explored by JDL and Baum Realty, and is not moving forward.
The sisters (property owners) are firm that they are not going to allow access to the building to anyone for any reason other than necessary inspections and emergency services due to liability issues, so any agreement would have to move forward site unseen.
I have attempted to contact David Baum personally several times and have gotten no response. I spoke with his assistant and requested that she send any information regarding a financing plan or other plans and have heard nothing further.
Therefore, Ald. Cappleman will endorse the committee's original position of demolition of the building (on the NE corner of Montrose and Clarendon) and turning the property over to the Park District." 


  1. So basically, demolish the existing structures and turn the land over to the park district (do the nuns still own the land then?). What exactly does this mean for building something new on this site? Would any would-be developer be dealing with the Park District instead of the Nuns? I'm confused by this article.

  2. Such a shame! I was hoping to see something positive develop, a place I could go spend some $$, a place that would generate tax revenue, and attract people from other hoods to spend their $.

    We don't need anymore parks, we have 16 miles of park at disposal across the street and under a viaduct from this site. What will we do with it?

  3. Yay! May the 35 story building not be an eyesore!

  4. The JDL plan for Maryville is moving forward as planned. There had been no firm plan for the building on the NE corner of Montrose and Clarendon. The Zoning Committee voted to allow a developer from Baum Realty to POSSIBLY see about reusing the building on that corner but for liability reasons, the nuns who currently own the property would not allow it. So, the highrise and townhomes will be constructed and the building on the NE corner of Montrose and Clarendon will be demolished and returned to the park district.

  5. This is great, so much better the Sedgewick garbage. Just wish it could be finished in a day ;)

  6. Two questions:
    1. I thought the planning committee Alderman Cappelman formed said no additional traffic would be seen from this development on Agatite? Wasn't it restricted that no in and out of cars would take place on Agatite? If I'm looking at this correctly, doesn't is show a drive thru and main entrance for both buildings on Agatite? That will increase traffic on this small one lane street by probably 300%.
    2. What about the additional parking that was promised to the residents that already live here and lost use of the lot when someone pissed off the nuns? If you're not home by 6:00pm, it takes 40 minutes to find a parking space in this area.
    I just cannot believe that with the cluster-mess traffic to and from LSD on Montrose that anyone thinks it's a good idea to add so many more people and cars to an area that has no room.

  7. People probably do not share your concern because we live in a major city where people should use public transit (train and bus) as much as possible. Uptown density is lower than Brooklyn and San Francisco. Maybe even Washington DC with their recent growth. Parking issues should never deter development in the city.

  8. Oh my god. There are going to be more cars and people in the neighborhood!

    I could do without the cars, but we desperately need more market rate density in this neighborhood.

    If I were King of Chicago this development would be taller and denser. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I'm all about being tall and dense.

    Plus add height and density and the damn infusion of TIF money could have been lessened.

    I'd take Montrose from Clarendon to Broadway and turn the north side of the street into one big highrise if I were Pharaoh.

    You could even build it so there was a cut out for Hazel Avenue onto Montrose.

    Make no small plans and never ever drink cheap beer!

  9. Sorry, I'm a little behind. Is this all rental or condos as well?

  10. No info about meeting in April on alderman's website - does JDL still want $32 million in TIF?

  11. The points of my comment were:
    1. Promises are never kept because we were promised those two items from my original comment & neither will happen.
    2. Some people have to drive. Not everywhere that everyone works or goes is on a transit route or even in the city. If you are going to add that much population to an area that has a SERIOUS traffic and parking problem then you need to have a plan to help solve the problem or at least not make it worse like this would do. When you exit LSD on Montrose & it takes 15 minutes to get to Sheridan. That's a problem.
    I'm willing to pay for a monthly parking spot and have contacted every lot & condo building and there is nothing in 6 blocks of where I live.
    I want Uptown to grow & prosper but with growth comes some problems & those need to be addressed and accounted for & that isn't happening.

  12. chicago2013, this new developer started the review process with the community well over 6 months ago. I wonder what your zoning representative told you when you raised your concerns? You did say something to your zoning rep, right?

    If you didn't get the chance to email or speak with your zoning rep or raise your concerns at any of the public zoning meetings, I would assume you mentioned your concerns to Cappleman. He has open office hours twice a week. I wonder what he said when you spoke with him?

  13. just wondering, is there a map for zoning representatives?

  14. CT, haven't seen one but I did go to Cappleman's website to check out the listing of all the organizations that are represented on this committee. I wonder why you ask?

  15. It was sent out in an email from Cappelman shortly after the committee was formed that these were two concerns that would factor into any proposal to develop this property. If I remember correctly, these items were mentioned at the first meeting regarding this new proposal and then never again. I know this is a different developer than the other proposal we had.

  16. chicago 2013, I have to wonder if you ever mentioned your concerns to your zoning rep. Why didn't you?

  17. If you want to tell me how to find an individual zoning rep's name I would be happy to pass along my opinion. I have not seen one person's name associated with the committee, I've only been able to find condo buildings and neighborhood associations that are listed as members. I've looked for individuals and contact info.
    I did send an email to the alderman's office (because I couldn't find an email for the zoning committee) asking about my concerns a bit ago and was told that nothing has been finalized yet.
    I used to get very involved with several things in the city and neighborhood and found through my hands on experience, public opinion doesn't count for much and rarely factors into any decision regarding a large sum of money.
    Are you satisfied now that I've answered your question? Again, from my experience, it probably wouldn't have made any difference but I'm happy to contact someone now when you provide me with a person's name and email.Thank you

  18. chicago2013, I wonder why you don't just go straight to the source? It would probably save you a ton of time.

    I cut and pasted this information straight from Cappleman's website: For more information about this committee and your representative, call the 46th Ward office at 773-878-4646 or email the office at

  19. Just wondering, I'm not sure why you insist on giving me such a hard time when I simply asked two questions to see if anyone had an update on these two items that I had possibly missed.
    I am following the development of this property but sometimes there are things posted online that I do not see or there are lack of updates because the most recent information on Cappelman's website (that I do look for information on a regular basis)is from the Feb. meeting.
    Honestly, I was just trying to get an update on these two issues so please take your bullying elsewhere. There was no need for you to react to me continually in this negative way.

  20. chicago2013, I'd be curious if after calling the alderman's office, you are still unable to find out who your zoning rep is. Your zoning rep can show you where on the website the April meeting minutes are posted. If you don't want to go to the website, your zoning rep can forward you a copy of the minutes. It should be rather simple.

    How about just picking up your phone and make a phone call to the alderman's office to learn who your zoning rep is? The problem should be resolved in less than 60 seconds. Now I wonder what would be so hard about that?

  21. Just Wondering, once again I ask why you feel that you need to push this and bully me regarding the questions I asked? You have alot of other suggestions but no answers for the questions I ask you. Why not answer? Now I wonder what would be so hard about that?
    There has been no further updates on Cappelmans's website in the Maryville Proposal section since February. Yes, I see meeting minutes in the zoning & development section- that is not what I was referring to - as I said, no updates in the Maryville section; not looking for information on Beacon or Sonic, looking for info on Maryville. Now I wonder what would be so hard about that?
    Kindly direct your insults towards someone else because you've started an unnecessary exchange here. If you didn't know the answer to the question I asked, you didn't need to reply to my comment. Why aren't you picking on the people that have no clue at all what is going on and think the entire 3 plots of land will be turned over to the parks dept or the people that don't know if this is condos or rentals? I'm trying to stay informed and you pick on me? Take your negativity and direct it somewhere else. Now I wonder what would be so hard about that?
    Take a look at the Maryville document posted on the website and you will see the two points I brought up are in their document and referred to on more than one occassion so for me to ask if there has been an update on these issues is valid.
    Why you feel it necessary to continue to push me is a problem of your own but I'm through with your remarks and degrading commments insinuating I have no idea what's going on when that is far from the truth. Not one thing you have said in any of your comments is anything I didn't already know so until you are going to be part of a productive exchange, I suggest you just keep it to yourself. Now I wonder what would be so hard about that.

  22. chicago2013, let's continue the conversation after you've spoken with someone from Cappleman's office. I would suggest one of your questions be focused on learning who your zoning rep is.