Saturday, May 18, 2013

Longer Nights For The Argyle Night Market

A Night Market in Taiwan
According to the City's website, the new Argyle Night Markets will run longer in the evening (5pm-9pm), but have a shorter season (through September 5th) than previously announced.

It says it will "include some vendors from the City’s other farmers markets, as well as having live performances and arts & crafts, with local artisans and local restaurants participating."

We'll take it! We're looking forward to some enjoyable Thursdays.


  1. As many regular readers know, I can be pretty slow... when is the first date of this?

  2. Click on the links for additional information. I believe the start date is June 27.

  3. It'll be fantastic to have a night market similar to what is in all of the major cities in Asia.

  4. It's not a proper market unless there's a guy tying on an extra tight headband swearing he makes the best takoyaki in all of Chicago, if not the world!

  5. Ok, call me dense, but I don't understand when this night market is going on. On this page:, all the other markets specify which day they're on (Thursdays, Mondays), but the Argyle Night Market just says "weekly." Ok...? Did they mean daily? If it's weekly, which day of the week does it fall on?

    1. Thursdays. There is calendar on the side of the blog. And in the post it says Thursdays. It will run June 27 through September 5.