Friday, May 10, 2013

Litter Patrol Picks Up Saturday

 They're making Buena Park prettier -- care to join them?

Buena Park Litter Patrol
Saturday, May 11th, 10am to noon
Meet at KFC parking Lot at Buena and Broadway

We will be walking the streets of Buena Park picking up trash along the way. Come on out, meet your neighbors and help keep Buena Park clean and green.


  1. Unfortunately I'm out of town this weekend and cannot join. I've dragged my son out to do garbage detail on our street. Unfortunately, it seems to be a never ending battle.

    A big THANK YOU to the folks who are part of this effort. The little things are the big things & your efforts are making our neighborhood a better place to live.


  2. Be nice if they would start inforcing the laws on some dog owners who can not clean up after their dogs on peoples lawns in Buena Park.It looks awful and really bringing rats out to feed on.