Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's The Pit[s] ! But New Business Blooms

So how did the city of Chicago decide to welcome Uptown's new flower shop, Forget Me Knodt, the week before Mother's Day, one of the biggest flower-giving days of the year?

It dug a great big hole in the sidewalk in front of the shop (1313 West Wilson)!

Owner Janessa wants you to know that she and Forget Me Knodt are open.  Don't be fooled by the giant pit in front of the shop.

In her blog entry about the situation, she says: 

"And please, if you read this, spread the word: we are open ALL week, with extended hours on Saturday and Sunday, and we’re taking orders for weekend deliveries in the city and suburbs now through Friday. 

Just give us a call at 773-944-1041, or stop in! We’ll be getting new shipments of fresh flowers, plants and gifts in all week long!"

And you can tell whoever's getting the flowers how hard you had to work to get them, too.


  1. Heading over today to pick up a bouquet for Teacher Appreciation Week!

  2. Picked up two gorgeous arrangements for teacher appreciation week--they came in small little coke bottles. So cute and affordable. Go support this place!

  3. Welcome to the neighborhood. We're glad you're here!

  4. I am changing my name to, "The City/"

  5. I wish them well, bought a bouquet for my wife last week. Sadly the flowers died 2 days later..not pleased given how expensive it was.

  6. @killerminpin, I'm so sorry your flowers died early! Flowers are finicky, they can wilt quickly for all kinds of reasons, and sometimes for no reason at all! It's pretty much the reason I am getting grey hair so early. :) please come by the shop and let us make a new arrangement for you, for free!

    1. That's very kind of you, I may take you up on that offer. Thanks again and good luck!

  7. ^Now that's an offer! Welcome to Uptown.

  8. Beautiful flowers and such friendly service! Picked up a bouquet for myself and love admiring it everyday! She even gave me great tips to keep my flowers fresh longer!
    Awesome addition to the neighborhood!

  9. Stopped in today, wish I could live there. A little pricey but beautiful, unusual flowers. So nice to have this in the neighborhood!

  10. Stopped by today (Mother's Day) at 7:45A, not supposed to open until 9AM. The gal let me in and I purchased an arrangement. It seemed a little pricey (but I don't buy flower arrangements often), but I can smell the wonderful flowers from across the room and the wife LOVES them. Worth the money I guess.

    Next time I need flowers (again, not often), I'll probably stop by.