Wednesday, May 1, 2013

High-Rise Fire At Marine Drive & Carmen

Photo by Zita Stirbys, posted on Uptown Update's Facebook page
It was quite the scene earlier this morning at Carmen and Marine Drive, as a fire was reported in a high-rise at that corner.  Shortly after 9am, sirens started going crazy, as firefighting equipment arrived, helicopters hovered over the Margate fieldhouse, and police and EMT units lined up on Lawrence. 

It was apparently a relatively minor fire, although a Facebook commenter saw smoke coming out of a north-facing window on the 7th floor.  One person was taken by ambulance to Weiss Hospital and is listed in fair condition.

We wish that person a speedy recovery and are glad the fire wasn't bigger than it was.  The Tribune has the story here.


  1. This fire response was overkill by the FD and PD. There were trucks and police cars from Foster to Lawrence, most of the personnel were standing around...doing nothing! The heavy work was by the 3 trucks in front of the building. Everybody else? Must have been a slow day, because they didn't need all those trucks and cop cars at the scene. "Minor" fire is putting it mildly...and what's with the helicopter overhead? Why?

  2. Thank you CFD and CPD. There is no such thing as too much in a response to a high rise fire. If things had gone south in this fire the same people would be yelling, '' why didn't they send more help? ''