Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

What a difference a year and a half makes!  The western half of the St. Boniface wall along Lawrence is finished, with the green tarp taken away and the gaps in the wrought iron topper filled in.  A huge difference from the graffiti-ridden, deteriorating "Ol' Pocky," as shown in the top photo on the St. Boniface website.

Not only is the new fence more attractive, but it doesn't act as a forbidding, impenetrable divider along Lawrence anymore.   A massive improvement; St. Boniface is to be commended.


  1. Can't believe they put in such an easy fence to climb, people are dying to get in there!

  2. Jason/Irish-like Pirate,

    don't give up your day job.

    By the way I thought you were changing your avatar name to "The City" or perhaps I could suggest "Douchey McDouchey--Clown Prince of City Government". Yeah, "The City" is probably a more likely choice.

    Now to stay on the original topic the fence looks great. While not as beautiful a cemetery as Graceland, Ole' St Bon Bon's is nice on a smaller and less grand scale. Plus the Civil War memorial they have is great.

  3. If I were them, I would consider installing little spikes at the top of the fence, similar to the installation at Graceland.

    They are obviously not done yet, but fence looks great!