Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yard Sales - This Weekend!

We've received information from readers regarding two yard sales this weekend.
First, Graceland West Community Garage & Yard Sale on Saturday June 1st from 9AM-4PM, Irving Park Road to Montrose Ave, Ashland Ave to Clark Street, multiple families will be holding garage sales. The reader promises lots of great stuff including: Toys, vintage items, art supplies, books, baby clothes, artwork, electronics, sports equipment, adult clothing, antiques, music, videos, plants, household items, furniture and much much more........
Then on Sunday, June 2nd: 

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  1. Just a comment about how poor Chase Park District is about giving information about this yard sale. I called a month ago about the date and was told someone would call me back, and they never did. Thank you Uptown for letting me know this information. a Bit too late.