Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome Back Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce At Fat Cat

Mad Men Screening Party Every Sunday at 8pm

Season Premiere - Sunday, April 7th

Join us every Sunday for our weekly screening of Mad Men, starting on Sunday, April 7th at 8pm for the SEASON PREMIERE. 

Get here early to grab your Fondue Platter for 4 ($25) (we only have a limited supply for each event) or order our $2 Mad Men Canapes. Need a drink? Order a custom old fashioned from our table side old fashioned cart, or sip on a Moscow Mule, Stoli Martini or ice cold Heineken. It's sure to be "The Affair of The Year!"

Are you a Betty or a Peggy? A Don Draper or a Pete Campbell? Come dressed as your favorite character and our favorite will win a $25 gift certificate.

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