Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thar She Blows

Uptown may be waterlogged, but at least we didn't experience what happened at Ravenswood and Lawrence.  (Photo from NBC Chicago.)  As Ald. Pawar said in his email blast this morning, the city's sewer system got overloaded, and well, this is one of the results.

Another view, from RedEye via Twitter.


  1. Since Chicago has a combined sewer system (i.e. storm water and toilet water use the same pipes)...I wonder how much raw waste oozed out of that breach.

  2. Call me Ishmael! Just don't tell me the closest 24 hour diner to my abode has been damaged.

    It will take more than a minor monsoon to destroy the Lawrence Avenue Golden Nugget.

  3. at lawrence/clarendon: we had some gurgles in the floody curb water this morning, and gassy smells this evening, but nothing like this geyser!

  4. Everyone is reporting this geyser, but no one is saying anything about the one on Lawrence in front of the Crafty Beaver. When i walked by it on my way to the metra, it was shooting approximately 30 feet into the air, and seemed much stronger than the one at Ravenswood. It also stopped abruptly shortly after I passed it. I wish I had taken a picture of it.