Tuesday, March 5, 2013

WGN Radio Interviews Columnist Brown

WGN Radio's Turi Ryder

WGN Radio's Turi Ryder interviewed Sun-Times Columnist Mark Brown. Take a listen and draw your own conclusion as to how well Oak Park resident Brown defends his position.


  1. Sorry this just popped up I shouldve my comment here.

    Re : Occupy Rogers Park vs James Cappleman, or maybe a better title is sit in @ James Cappleman office. Or demonstration.


  2. I assume the Occupy Rogers Park (ORP) group has 1 to 3 people tops in it. I imagine them to be disheveled, un-employed weirdoes with no friends.

    Dear ORP, stay home and play video games, the alderman nor anyone else in Uptown wants to smell you over here.

  3. What a caricature of an ignoramous this Mark Brown is. I think I just heard him equate Cap's request for the SA to no longer cater to the homeless under the viaduct as a plot to exterminate the homeless population. He sounds as if he has no grasp of the issues regarding the homeless and residents in OUR community inclusive of his campaign to save the Wilson hotel. I'd be shocked to find out that he got his journalism degree from any reputable institution. Shame on the Sun Times for giving this fool a pulpit. I knew there was a reason I didn't read that craphole of a paper! I'm not sure what Cap did to set this guy off but Mr. Brown clearly has begun a personal vandetta against our Alderman hiding behind the name of the Sun Times and using his wife's experience to lend credibility to his poorly conceived and articulated arguments.

  4. I don't think Mark Brown living in Oak Park is particularly relevant to the issues here. I've been reading MB for years and generally like his writing. I think at heart he's a good guy. He's still bald and ugly though.

    He's largely wrong in these columns though. His writing on this lacks nuance and his lack of understanding of the issues caused by having a large homeless population and large social service presence is obvious.

    He's also clearly "obsessed" with Cappleman and these issues at the moment. I hope with time he'll listen to some of the "pushback" he's getting from various quarters and take a more nuanced approach to the issues.

    Right now I half expect him to come out and say "you're either with us or against us" on these issues. "My way or the highway." It's a left wing version of "freedom fries".

    Brown is seeing the struggling homeless, but he's unwilling or unable to see the folks struggling to find EFFECTIVE ways of helping them and helping the community.

    There are social service agencies in Uptown that most of us don't know about. Why is that?

    Cappleman praised a Salvation Army facility mere blocks away from where there food truck parks. How many people here know what facility I speak of? Let's see a show of hands.

    Not many. Why is that? Because the facility is well run and causes few if any problems.

    I can't say that about the Chateau or Wilson Club.

    Oh well time to take on the snow.

    Ya know what I dislike about snow?

    While it's beautiful it lacks discipline. If it would only stay off the streets, alleys and sidewalks I'd be perfectly happy with it. What snow needs is a drill sergeant to whip it into shape. OOOOH. I said "whip".

  5. Thanks for posting this; it’s REALLY lovely to hear a nice, civil discussion on the issue! I appreciate Ryker’s reluctance to criticize Ald. Cappleman on the basis of this one action and her willingness to ask tough questions of Brown. And if requesting the Salvation Army to modify their services to the poor in this way was part of a larger plan to address the needs of our poor people, I would be totally on board with it. I don’t think the historical social service model in Uptown has been wildly effective. But the fact is that there IS no other plan. All I’ve heard so far in reference living near with the poor is “cut ‘em back, shut ‘em down, move ‘em along.” That’s not a plan for solving problems; it’s a way to use money and political power to shift people and their problems into other neighborhoods.

  6. IrishPirate, are you talking about the counseling office at Marine and Lawrence?

  7. Hey the way it works with these groups, JPUSA, ONE, Lakeview Action Coalition is all or nothing. They say "+++++ person would not Listen to Us" translation. Person or Entity listened but did not agree.
    this is the adult equal to taking my ball and going home except instead of going home, they go home and get online.
    Schools and other Groups have been dealing with this behavior that usually is initiated by immature misdirected youths by working on anti bullying campaigns.
    I am not sure if there are any programs for adults who are fixated on bullying another person for their conviction to do what is right,but if there are i wish someone would point Mark Brown and the other usual suspect groups that way.

  8. LOL. I am listening to this now and Brown has no clue. He is just selling papers....

  9. This interviewer is awesome!!!!!!!!!! Mark Brown ate crow!!! What? We create poor people? We are going to exterminate them? LOL.

  10. I am so angry about this that I can't get my thoughts straight so if this sounds random I am sorry. And IP can kiss my ass.

    1) Mark Brown has no idea what he is talking about. He is just talking and has no citation to authority and the more I listen to this interview the less respect I have for him. He is really using the homeless to further his own interests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Lord he thinks he is Mike Royko.....

    2) Left wingers set this up and have no idea what they are talking about.

    3) James is trying new things to solve problems and his enemies do not like that. Brown should listen to what the alderman has to say and be supportive instead of trying to hurt the homeless, which is what he is doing. NOBODY outside our community is trying to help the homeless in Uptown except US.

    4) I hate myself because I had to read Mark Brown. The only reason to read the Sun-Times is for sports and Neil S.


    Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Who is the real Christian here?????????????

  11. One more vent. It is clearly all about money.

    1) Mark Brown wants to make money by writing a hot article about the homeless.

    2) Homeless advocates want money so they can throw money at the problem.

    3) James wants to solve the problem so it saves the taxpayers money.

  12. Guess who came out the woodwork against Cappleman. None other than Brendan Schiller. Mostly incoherent comments. I tried to comment on couple of them but my comments were deleted. Well, body you are not digging yourself out of the hole you are in.

  13. @ Wang Chung, it is increasingly become more fringe (Occupy RP) and attacking a local alderman won't win it many allies, especially one that is trying to undo years of problems that Schiller heaped onto Uptown.

    The will of the people is with Cappleman, its time for a change and Occupy Rogers Park is just out of touch. They will probably attack Joe Moore next for his pro-business stance in Rogers Park.