Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vandalism At Spoil Me Salon

Adel, the owner of Spoil Me Hair and Salon at Leland and Broadway, contacted UU to say her business was vandalized early Monday morning and asked for our readers' help. 

"My salon window was shattered Monday 3/4/2013 at approximately 5am. We have video camera images of him heading east on Leland on south side of the street right on Broadway.  He threw something at my window, it shattered, and then he ran west on Leland into 1207 Leland.

When police were called they took report and took time getting to 1207.  The caller who saw it happen reported that no one else entered 1207 Leland or left during that time. The police left 1207 Leland without taking anyone into custody. How is this possible??

If anyone knows name of this person or see him, please call the police."

Obviously the photos aren't clear, but if you recognize this person or saw anything that morning, please dial 911.  Windows are damn expensive and this was just a malicious act, plain and simple.  Our small businesses deserve better.


  1. Perhaps the march yesterday revivified the demons of Uptown Past.

    Back in the 90's bricks through windows were a common occurrence at buildings being "condoed" in Uptown generally and Sheridan Park specifically. Mostly in Sheridan Park I recall. I think by that time Buena Park was recognized as a lost cause among the slumtocracy.

    Even through my alcoholic haze I vividly recall broken windows and graffiti on certain buildings. The graffiti was normally stuff like:

    It's Uptown...Not Sheridan Park

    Die Pirate Die!

    NO Condoms....I mean Condos.

    Powre to the Peple!

    Did we give up when the GErmans bombed Pearl Harbor?

    Stuff sorta like that.

  2. Your business and our community deserve better.

    This is a great reminder that police can't do it alone, and if we want positive businesses like Spoil Me to continue to invest with us, we need to help them out. That means patronizing them, and also making sure that idiots like the one who vandalized the salon (who may very well be the individual pictured) are held accountable.

    This reminds me - I need a haircut!

  3. And then he went and got some free soup at the Salvation Army truck.

  4. Mark Brown will be blaming the salon for having windows that were just begging to be broken by this future med school grad. It's The Man keeping a brother down again!

  5. I see this shithead walking on Sheridan all the time near big chicks asking for money.

  6. I blame this on gentrification and a lack of social services. This fine young man needs programs to keep him busy at night, to keep him from Ernest T. Bass'ing our neighbors windows. Its not his fault!