Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Updates On Chateau and Salvation Army Truck

From Ald. Cappleman's latest newsletter:

"Hotel Chateau Update.  At yesterday's housing court hearing, Fire Dept inspectors reported that all immediately dangerous and hazardous conditions at the Chateau Hotel have been abated by the new owners. An order was entered to secure and label all vacant residential units at the property, which now include over half of the entire units in the building. The new owner (3838 N. Broadway, LLC) has hired a fire guard and two armed security guards to ensure the building remains safe.

There are around 75 people who continue to live there. The owner has assured me that no one will go to a shelter if they are willing to work with the management to help them locate to safer housing at an affordable price.  They have staff in the lobby to help each resident.  I will continue to advocate for the remaining residents with the owner and with Catholic Charities  to find permanent and safer housing. My office will  send a reminder notice for interested residents to attend the next court date (April 4). 

Salvation Army Mobile Food Truck
.  Last week I had a meeting with some representatives from the Salvation Army Mobile Food Truck Unit to discuss how care could be coordinated to people experiencing chronic homelessness in the park along Lake Shore Drive. My focus in that meeting was and will continue to be:
  • Making sure no one will ever go without food.
  • Coordinating social services in our ward to better assist those in need.
  • Develop better strategies and assist those in social services who are focused on helping the people who have been living on the streets for years to have a safer place to live.
This week, Capt. Nancy Powers from the Salvation Army Mobile Food Truck Unit and I will be discussing how we can work together to address the needs of those who are most in need."

There is a protest planned outside Ald. Cappleman's office tonight by people who don't like alderman's stance regarding the Salvation Army truck, and/or the sale of the Hotel Chateau. It's scheduled to begin at 5pm.


  1. IS this a BYOB? As in Bring your Own Bat? I know when we protested against Shiller for literally running away when questioned about the high murder rate, she had someone in the office try to intimidate us with a baseball bat. As most of these are Shillerista's, I assume they will now threaten those inside the Aldermans office with bats of their own?

  2. Uptown Superhero--I came here to wonder just that: if most of the people protesting Cappleman were pro-Shiller folk. otherwise I don't get it...seems like he's been doing the best he can given the situation and is very clear about what's going on.

  3. I feel that all protests should have a theme song.

    In this case it needs to be memorable, but nonsensical.

    Mildly folksy, yet with a harder rock edge to display their righteous indignation and anger.

    I happen to have just the song for them.

    Listen to those drums. A protest has to have drums.

    Of course the Simpsons used this song as a parody.

    Also if the protesters need a Ronald Reagan mask the coffee shop at 4700 N Damen may still have one on a scarecrow they keep in the window. The mask and scarecrow were there well into the 2000's.

    I doubt there will be any violence at this display of free speech with feet.

    I was also wondering if anyone named "Shiller" might be there. If either Helen or Brendan show up I was hoping that they might bring along some "entertainers" from the strip club they were associated with a few months back.

    There is nothing that says more about a concern for the homeless and poor than strippers. I for one am willing to open up my spare bedrooms, perhaps even my living room, to homeless "entertainers" associated with that fine business establishment.

    I have an oversized clawfoot tub just begging, begging to be occupied by a gaggle of such homeless young women. I also will supply bubble bath. Green, locally made, not tested on animals bubble bath.

  4. If you support Cappleman's actions, please send him an e-mail using the address on his web site and show your support.

  5. @Irish Pirate tl:dr

    @Everyone, maybe you should stop judging and start participating. Armchair quarterbacks are the worst.

  6. Good lord, IrishPirate, your post just made my day AGAIN!! We both seem to have very similar dry and sardonic senses of wit and humor. We should totally grab a drink together sometime.

    Remember, "change is coming if you like it or not..."


  7. We are sending Rogers Park's finest citizens down to Uptown on a field trip! Enjoy! :)

  8. @ChiTownPhilly

    After you break your comrades, the bong triplets, out of Cook County Jail for their Nato protest related stupidity you can then preach to us.

    I mean how hard could it be to get them out of county? Just go over there and flash your Jewel Card or Dominick's Fresh food card. Just a few weeks ago they let out a convicted murderer mistakenly.

    Your triplet comrades are merely dumbasses who talked themselves into charges with their dreams of bombing Rahm's house and Obama campaign HQ during the NATO festivities. They must have learned from your genius self.

    While it's too late for you to avoid brain damage by wearing a helmet while skateboarding perhaps you can tell others your story and they will learn from it.

    Try to avoid any violence today, ok, Trotsky?

    Best wishes and Merry Protest.

  9. Spevvy,

    enjoying my sense of humor is either an indication of insanity or genius. I guess that's not necessarily an either/or proposition.

    I've been sitting here for the past few hours waiting for my appliance delivery and looking for protest chants online for my moral betters to use this afternoon.

    I can't find any good ones. A protest has to have a good chant and I keep finding sea shanties instead. There are some good sea shanties out there. No chants though.

    Like my twenty year old fridge I expect this protest to crap out.

    Anyhow this ain't a chant or a shanty, but is a folkish song so it will have to do.

    "Ready, aim, sing."

  10. Nice to see Occupy Rogers Park find someone else to harass other than me.

  11. I'm sorry to see the Alderman wasting his time addressing the false controversies, though I realize he must. Why didn't these people protest the deplorable conditions in the Hotel Chateau and the Lawrence House? You can imagine how wonderful these places were/are if the homeless prefer to be homeless and be shat on by pigeons in the Lawrence/LSD viaduct rather than live in the Lawrence House or the Chateau.

  12. Hey Craig,

    I can't imagine why anyone would harass you. You're such a sweet, respectful and good natured soul.

    Take the Red Line down for the protest. Afterward we can hit Carol's and buy the proto hippie females some drinks. Ain't nothing better in the world than a self righteous young woman who believes you support her outlook.

    It doesn't matter whether they are of the left or right. Twenty years or so I was downtown at the bar in the Michigan Avenue Hilton and some young evangelical convention was in town. I felt like Bill Clinton at a college cheerleader convention. "Oh Gawd, OH SWEET JeSuS. Hillary, who?"

    At the time my skinny self looked young for my age and I've always been clean cut. They assumed I was one of their pod.

    Similar thing happened to me at Carol's after a forum over at Truman one time. Those hipster lefties love them some cheap drinks in a trashy bar.

    You Craig Rogers Park Denizen extraordinaire and humanitarian can personally bring new meaning to the phrase "Occupy Rogers Park".

  13. That's really funny Craig! Gotta love those Occupy Rogers Parkers. Always coming up with funny captions.

    "I don't always to try to banish the homeless. But when I fail I spread false rumours about rape victims" (Said Craig)

    That's a nice a quote to have below your picture.

  14. I doubt that what Mark Brown wrote will change the opinion, pro or con, of anyone who lives in Uptown' nor will it have much influence outside of Uptown.

    My gut feeling is there are many homeless who started life in the suburbs but scarcely any who are allowed to stay there.

  15. @IrishPirate: Once again, brilliant!

    If these protesters really want to mount a successful smear campaign, maybe they should crack a history book and learn something.

    Why do I think the protest will probably look something like this.

  16. Just drove under the Wilson LSD Viaduct and saw everyone still camped out there. Who was in charge picking everyone up and bringing them to the protest?

  17. aw, Brown is just sore cuz UU has more readers

  18. IP, Are you saying that the alderman is wrong by looking at whether SA has been successful in ending homelessness?

  19. Jason/Irish-like Pirate,

    You are truly unworthy of trying to usurp my mojo by your play on my name.

    It was S A R C A S M.

    Directed at Y O U.

    Speaking of you, did you notice your good buddies at JPUSA dominated the march today?

    Still think they're a good organization?

    It's a rhetorical question.

  20. Protest at Cappleman's Office? Come on....a lot of the protesters don't even live in Uptown. Things are changing and people do not like to deal with change. Uptown is moving forward for the better. Cappleman is a great Aldermen and is seeking solutions to the problems that have plagued Uptown where the former Aldermen did nothing. Time to move forward! If you don't like it, MOVE!

  21. IP, I think everything was a massive cluster-f today. We have an alderman who is trying to help solve the problem and everything got political. I do not support JPUSA's douche-bag actions today. They did not solve anything. It is obviously about politics and not solving problems.

    The massive hate for each other in this ward is unreal. Hey, but at least Mark Brown made some money.