Tuesday, March 26, 2013

T's Bar & Restaurant Closes

T's Bar and Grill on Clark has the dreaded green eviction notice on the door from the Cook County Sheriff.  According to Windy City Times, the sign was posted today.

Friend's of T's Facebook page says:  Sometimes the universe gives us a sign of better things to come...Ts officially closed today...after many years of food, family and fun, we want to thank all that have traveled with us on this amazing journey and hope u will continue to do so as we move on to our next chapter. Much love to all and see you soon!! 

Update:  A reader who lives nearby adds: "It looked like an unexpected event. There was a back door broken out with glass all over the ground. A bit of a scuffle with the landlord around noon. On my way back from the gym I saw an eviction sign on both entrances."

Update:  According to DNAinfo, it's a matter of the landlord taking back the place for non-payment of rent.


  1. That is too bad. We always had a good time there, and enjoyed the free lotto tickets they would give away.

  2. I searched the circuit court website but couldn't find any filings related to this. Anybody have better luck? Their City of Chicago license is under T-Rex-5025,Ltd.

  3. All physical eviction action like this comes after an rather lengthy due process so this would have been no surprise to the owners. Its really too bad. We are still in some tough times in this country no matter how many want to say otherwise.

  4. I am surprised that Treacy let his thriving business go down like this, while at the same time opening MorseL and also having great business at The Glenwood.

  5. Man,

    where are Yo60640 and I going to go now to get rejected by women in a bar setting and have a perfectly reasonable excuse to give people as to why we were rejected?

    In memory of T's and the many nights my advances were rejected by entire female softball teams I changed my blogger avatar.

    I should add a line under it mocking Justice Scalia, but I won't. He will soon find himself in the dustbin of history.

  6. If anyone is wondering where I found that new avatar there's a whole parody meme developing regarding the red equal sign meme. It was either that one or Batman for me.

  7. The case number is 2012 M1 721870 (Bridgeview Bank v Treacy).

  8. That write-up they had about him in one of the online gay rags about being tapped by the FBI or Cook County or something and trying to extort $$ from him and all that was just......well, so gay drama....and Chicago.

    Not surprising at all. The online court documents show this commenced in 2012. Couldn't help but look it up.

    Sorry, never liked the place and the guy gave me the creeps always pacing in front of his other business down the street then in/out the door 15 times within the 40 minutes you were in there. Bartender was cool but he's no longer with us though.

    Sumpthin', sumpthin' just wasn't right and I'm not a barfly.

    Sad. Wierd.

  9. Don't know if it means anything, but the green, Cook County Sheriff's eviction notice that was attached to the front door has been removed.