Saturday, March 30, 2013

Owl Service On The 151 Bus Discontinued
Starting Tonight/Sunday Morning

A reader took this photo and posted it to UU's Facebook page, with the note:

No more overnight "Night Owl" service for the N151 starting March 31.

The CTA's website says:

"How does this affect my trip? Overnight owl service on this route will be discontinued.

Alternate overnight owl service is available on the Red Line and on the #N22 Clark (Owl).

The last northbound trip will leave Union Station at approximately 1:25am weekdays and Saturdays, and at 1:00am Sundays/holidays.

The first southbound trip will leave Clark/Devon at approximately 4:00am on weekdays, and at 4:30am on weekends.

Why is service being changed?  Service hours are being changed to match demand and ridership patterns, and because alternate Owl service is available.

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